10/10 Portal Opening and New 2020 Light Code Upgrades Are Here

Hold onto your hat as you go through the 10/10 vortex

We are receiving a new blast of light codes as we go through the 10/10 portal of light. This portal opening brings with it new opportunities for expansion and remembrance of who we are as BE-ings of light.

My Guides showed me the portal opening as a vortex of energy pulling us along onto our highest frequency timeline of peace, unity and harmony. The more we raise our frequency and consciousness, the more we fast-tracking our ascension.

You’ll feel like you need to get your life in order, you’ll manifest things much quicker plus heal yourself much quicker. Denser energies will be alchemized and transmuted almost instantly.

Keep your thoughts positive and allow yourself to ride the wave of ascension as this will be a ride no one can get away from. This portal shift is necessary and according to my Spirit Team it’s one of the more important energetic events we will experience this year.

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Are you ready to integrate powerful creator light codes now flooding our Earth with light?

2020 has certainly been full of surprises and charged with so many energetic events and timeline shifts to bring us into alignment with our 5D template and higher frequencies of love and light.

10/10/20 and the rest of 2020 will be even more super charged, do whatever you can to raise your vibration by doing more of what you love. Be aware of how you react to situations, how you think and how you feel? Make conscious decisions each day to let in more love and flow into your life, your work, your relationships and your business.

What are light codes?

Light codes are pure source energy from the Universe, The Central Sun encoded with frequencies of healing, information, technology, sacred geometry and multi-dimensional energies and powerful to connect with.

These beautiful and powerful frequencies help us to bring through the blueprint of our soul truth and spiritual gifts, to heal, release denser energies, upgrade our energetic system, physical bodies, DNA and unique vibration to enjoy higher states of consciousness, peace and love.

We receive these light codes in the form of gamma blasts from the Central Sun, through our beautiful moon and our Earth’s crystalline grid, through nature, inter-dimensional beings of light, earth’s energy vortexes and orbs of light.

Other planetary alignments and their energetic frequencies also play a big part in how we receive and integrate these light codes.

You may experience these light frequencies and patterns manifesting in various different ways for you. You’ll experience light codes during dream state, in meditation or whilst in nature.

I usually see light codes as floating sparkles or particles of golden light, beautiful flowing and moving codes, sometimes golden or white geometric shapes and often something similar to binary code running down from top to bottom.

You can see them, feel them and hear them.

During meditation you might feel these light codes integrate through blissful sensations running up and down your body, like waterfall energy, other times you’ll integrate these codes through sound, tones, whilst giving yourself healing or receiving healing or by simply being in nature.

How do we use light codes?

Some artists paint channeled light codes into their work, some might bake a cake containing inspiration and light channeled through them, others tone, sing, create with their hands, play music or channel their light codes through dance, speaking in light language (soul speak), signing using their hands, channeled writing and so much more.

Light codes are always around us, they are patterns of light available to us when we are ready to receive and integrate them.

When we integrate light codes, what happens then?

Light codes are divine frequency patterns that, when embraced, unlock the Divine Intelligence within and higher Divine frequencies of love, light and expanded soul awareness available to you.

Receiving the light codes meant for you can replenish and recharge your energy and bring you back into sync and Harmony with the Infinite Power, Presence and Love of Pure Source Light (called Oneness).

Light codes bring you inner joy and peace.

How to anchor in light codes?

Information channeled via my Spirit Team over the last year has shone a light on why and how we should anchor in light codes through our column of light.

When we surrender to the love available to us and we are open to receive, light codes integrate into our energy field and physical body, our cells and micro-particles with ease and grace.

I was shown through a channeled vision that each human BE-ing has the ability to share their light with the Earth to raise the collective frequency and consciousness of humanity and to assist our Ascension Journey and that of our Earth.

Each person has a column of light connecting us with Source and Earth. You act as a channel or conduit to receive light codes and can anchor light codes that contain the blueprint of your soul truth and transmit vibrational information from higher dimensional beings ready to share their energy and information with humanity.

These light codes might contain information to upgrade the crystalline grid of the Earth, new codes of technology to fast track our evolution, codes to unlock your creator codes, to unlock your pleasure codes, healing codes, codes to unlock and expand your psychic gifts and divine intelligence within you and so much more – the possibilities are endless.

What we know from Spirit is that it is important to anchor these light codes into the Earth and share your light with humanity and our Earth.

Each time you anchor in your light, you are essentially downloading the information you receive through the light codes and sharing that with every living being and our Earth.

Light Code Integration

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About the Author, Natali Brown

Lightworker Activator, Cosmic Quantum Healer, Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Wellbeing Mentor, Multi-dimensional Channel and Modern Day Alchemist of Light.

Natali was born with all psychic senses open and understands the Challenges and Bliss of being an Awakened Being, Empath and Sensitive. She has over 20+ years experience teaching practices and rituals through meditation, Soul Dance, breath work, visualisation, activations, using art and creativity to heal trauma and re-balance emotions.

She self-healed many aspects of her earth life and is teaching the very same practices to liberate you from soul trauma, self doubt, self sabotage, feeling lost, shame, blame and guilt.

She has a deep connection with Spirit and uses her incredible intuition and connection to teach you the exact tools and guide you through the shifts you need to be courageous, confident, empowered and to lead and serve with love.

Natali is the Founder of Sentaura Cosmic Healing Energy, a multi-dimensional quantum creative energy which brings about rapid transformation and ascension for all who experience it.

As a Psychic Channel she connects with other Star Beings of Light and The Galactic Federation of Light to activate and integrate multi-dimensional energies and light code necessary for you to thrive in alignment with your Soul mission and Purpose.

Her online programs, mentoring and coaching, energy healing workshops, blogs, the Soul Searcher podcast and Soul Bliss Retreats help you to heal and transform your life. She guides you to realise your potential, activate and understand your Soul gifts and teaches you how to be free from limiting beliefs and obstacles which is stopping you from being all you can be.