This question came up plenty of times this week during healing sessions. It is human nature to hide and protect ourselves if we feel threatened or overwhelmed.

If you can imagine your life as a big window with wooden shutters. On the other side of that window is a breathtaking view, sunshine, abundance, gifts and opportunity.

As you grow up and experience life, laughter, love, pain, disappointment and come to realisations …. you might choose to close some of your life shutters to protect you from those things which make you feel unhappy or uncomfortable.

 Each time there are unkind words or acts against you, you close a shutter and bit by bit your beautiful view disappears until you are left with only a slither of light or complete darkness.
When you only have a slither of light left, you still feel hope. You can peek through your wiindow and hope for a better tomorrow, that you will be able to cope, hope that everything will be OK.
Consciously make a decision to hold onto that slither of hope otherwise it’s only a matter of time before you shut out that beautiful view.
Before you know it, depression, anxiety and feelings of desperation and loneliness take hold as you close yourself off from the world.
But it’s not all doom and gloom. You can heal past hurts and open those shutters again. By exploring your thoughts and feelings and facing them you open yourself to forgiveness. The first step to healing is forgiveness – for yourself and others.
There are many ways you can open a shutter: fall in love, go on adventures, give and receive hugs, appreciate what you have, spend time in nature, speak and receive kind words, paint, laugh, do something special for someone special or help a stranger, be creative and be kind to yourself.
Do what you love and spend time with who you love.
By injecting these positive things into your life, you raise your energy and start feeling self-worth – you start feeling curious about what’s on the other side of those shutters.
One by one these positive actions energise you to open your shutters and upon doing so, you flood yourself with light – you become visible again.
Not only will you be able to look out and see the beautiful view once again but others will also be able to look in and see you.
So go on step outside, opportunity, love and abundance is waiting for you.
With Love xxx
Nat B
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