1 Hour Intuitive Reading

Gain clarity and receive intuitive guidance about life, career, relationships, direction, purpose and so much more.

This will leave you feeling uplifted and confident to take on the next steps in life and biz.

During your 1 hour reading we delve into the Akashic records, receive guidance from Spirit and hear what your creative soul wants for you.

I provide you intuitive insights around blocks, attachments, people or situations in this life or past lives which might be holding you back from fully enjoying your life in the present.

I also provide you guidance in terms of your spiritual gifts and purpose and we look at what you need to know to align with a future that’s for your highest greatest good.

1 Hour Psychic Medium Reading

Connecting with loved ones in Spirit is beautiful and healing.

During a Psychic Medium reading I provide you with loving messages and guidance from loved ones in Spirit to help you gain a sense of peace.