Judgement affects our lives and connections with other people – during this 10 minute audio we explore what this means and how we can heal the wounds of judgement.


Here’s a short exercise to help you shift into more love and heal judgement:

Through judgment we become an inner skeptic which creates more obstacles than pathways to healing and reaching our goals.

Grab a piece of paper and pen and work your way through the questions below:

    1. Make the decision to ignore your reactive approach to judgment and become aware of your triggers.
      Think about your life, situations where you’ve judged yourself or others and write down what you think might have triggered this belief? What happened to create a reactive response in you? By creating awareness in this way, you can identify what needs to be healed.
    2. Become aware of the limiting beliefs that you may be feeling and how it is limiting you from taking risks.
      Write down the times when judgement stopped you from making decisions and ultimately stopped you from reaching success? What are the limiting statements or beliefs that you tell yourself? For instance “I’m not smart enough” or “I can’t afford it” or “She/He is better than me”. Look at what you’ve written and say “I choose to be all that I can be and eliminate all limitations on my success, I release all feelings of judgement and shame and allow love, understanding to shift my mindset”
    3. How you view yourself is the key to your success.
      Write down the things you’re good at and what you love about yourself. Through acceptance of who we are, we are able to heal old wounds and patterns.

With love and light,

Natali Brown