What you manifest springs forth from thought. Thought is the basis of all creation. Everything was thought into existence.

Every experience, object, person in your life is present because you have drawn them into your experience.

Many believe that we suffer or pay back in this lifetime for what we did in a past lifetime. This belief in Karma could not be further from the truth.

You build your model of the world based upon past experiences, this can also be experiences passed down by your parents and previous generations. You took on certain beliefs and inherited certain expectations. However, this does not mean that you have to carry those experiences and beliefs into your life.

You came into this world as a fearless bundle of love and acceptance, free from judgement, free from influence and willing to embrace all things.

You were born of love and always will strive to love.

As you grew up parenting became focused towards teaching you skills of survival and protection in an uncertain world. You began to understand from a very young age that love was not unconditional and truth was not necessarily what was wanted and gradually began to shut off your deepest inner believe you carry which is the need to love.

Your friends, family, society, school and other authorities might have told you things to try and protect you from disappointment or from making the same “mistakes” they made and might have told you things are unrealistic or impossible to achieve.

If you believe that you are unable to create wealth or are not worthy of wealth and the belief is strong enough to motivate you to steal, then it is the belief that will follow you into the next episode of physical experience.

It is not the deed that draws Karma to you, it is the belief that led to the deed and the thought behind the deed.

As you re-enter this current life experience, you are drawn to those parents who are magnetically attracted to you, you are drawn to them through the process of resonance, in other words, you will be drawn to parents who share the same beliefs and experiences concerning wealth, therefore setting up a similar pattern, until you decide that it no longer serves you.

Change your beliefs and you WILL change your Karma.

It does not matter how many times you thought the same thought – the moment you start thinking other thoughts, new circumstances will be drawn to you.

Beliefs are only thoughts that you have been thinking repetitively and they give you the illusion of being permanent or not able to change.

When you do and become aware of whatever you desire in your life and do so from a place of love, you understand that you can create your own reality.

The wonderful thing about understanding that you can create your own reality is that you can clearly see where you’re placing your thoughts by what’s manifesting in your life.

Instead of focusing on what you’ve done wrong, rather focus on creating new thoughts filled with your desire.

As negative beliefs come up, notice them, thank them and bless them – these inner doubts are merely responding to your energy as an expression of your old belief system.

You are the master creator of your life, you are the center of your universe and all that happens to you. Remember your physical world is a reflection of your inner world.

With these new thoughts and a desire for change burning within you, you are able to create a life of love, joy, abundance, health and wellbeing – free from Karma.

With love and light,