Keep asking questions …. explore, expand and believe in yourself – it’s the key to unlocking your bad ass-ness!

Bad ass-ness! I’m not sure if that is a word but I’ve just made it one. I’m definitely not one for using strong words in my writing but I must admit, that particular word rolls off the tongue quite nicely and makes me feel empowered.

What would life look like if we stopped seeking for answers, if we didn’t continue to question how things came about, how things work and think about what we could do to improve life?

We are creators and sculptors of our lives here on earth however there is yet so much to be discovered. Our capacity in human form is only but a drop in the ocean of what we are actually capable of. When we ask questions, seek, explore and discover we unlock our potential to a greater expanded version of ourselves with magnified realisations.

When an idea or belief is created it is in our nature to start questioning and exploring that idea or belief – we want to know more. It is this innate sense of discovery which helps us evolve.

“Most people have no idea of the giant capacity we can immediately command when we focus all of our resources on mastering a single area of our lives.” Anthony Robbins

Each and every one of us have a higher purpose and a reason for being here on earth.  By questioning and collaborating with each other and sharing our uniqueness, strengths, skills and experience we are tapping into our higher purpose. This sense of collaboration and sharing of ideas makes us feel empowered and valued as humans – its the driver behind believing in ourselves.

Our belief can be so powerful that with one expanded shift of our mind we are capable of moving mountains.

We can no longer exist the way we used to. There have been so many shifts in the world lately and they were so great that people felt lost when it happened. Once we realised that change happened and questioned what it meant for us, the realisations which came with questioning brought acceptance and balance back into our lives.

One thing is certain, the key to unlocking our powerful selves is to continue to question, learn, expand and to use the tools and knowledge we’ve been given to make a positive difference to humanity and our world.

With love,

Nat B xx