I’ve come to love the energy of the moon.

A loving connection and inner knowing that we are all one.

I look up at it’s bright facade as it lights up our world. Millions of stars framing it’s beautiful light, we can feel it fill our very being, each of our cells powering up as we stand in it’s glow.

Did you know our moon has a Soul – just like our earth, Mother Gaia and the Sun. Each planetary body has a Soul, the same way we do. These beings are the stewards for their physical bodies – in essence when we look up at the moon or stars in the sky, in truth we are viewing the physical bodies of vast spiritual beings.

The Universe is a place of creation, a place of experiences.

There are so many moon rituals out there these days – go with what works for you, go with what feeds your soul.

Here’s just some of my favourites rituals during new moon or full moon.

Healing Moon Water

During full moon I look like a crazy crystal lady with all my crystals placed outside or on window sills to soak up the moonlight. This helps to cleanse and power them up. I also love placing crystals in a bowl of water on my window sill – I use the moon water for healing, drinking, washing my face, rubbing on scars etc. Or simply place a glass or jug of water in the moonlight.

Remember to cover your water left outdoors with plastic wrap or a sieve to keep bugs out.

One of my clients make her moon water during full moon and keeps it in the fridge for weeks.

One night during full moon I woke up feeling incredibly thirsty. It was a super moon and I had put a glass of water on my window sill before going to bed.

I literally gulped the whole glass down and within minutes felt a warm sensation move through my whole body. It felt so lovely, like a fluffy warm blanket was being draped around me and peace washed over me. Within minutes I was fast asleep and remember waking up the next morning feeling completely energised.

Energising in the Moonlight

There’s something so magical about standing in the moonlight.

Take a deep breath and inhale all the magic from the moon.
Feel her energy surround you and fill each part of your body.
As you exhale release any stress, anxiety, discomfort, ailments and illness.
Feel the glow of the moon touch your face, smile to yourself
and thank the moon for sharing her magic and love with you
Open your arms wide ready to receive all she has to offer.
Feel your heart fill with a warm glow expanding with every breath.
Visualise your heart’s desires and allow the essence of the moon energy to align with yours.
Creating a powerful symphony of abundance, love, health and harmony in your life.
Allow yourself to feel it fully, your deepest desires aligned with the love of your Soul.
Allow the light from your heart center to expand out around you, touching each living Soul
Expanding beyond your city, beyond your country, beyond our planet, into the universe
Sending gratitude and love in return to the Moon and the Universe
Look up and smile to the Moon, placing your hands on your heart
Listen to the song of your heart and feel the strength within
Say to yourself: Today I will begin to see more of what it is I love to do.
As I see it, I will acknowledge it, as I acknowledge it, I will explore it further.
So be it

Setting An Intention

Thought is the basis of all creation. The Universe reacts to your thoughts and words.

When you are in a position of resistance, your attention is focused almost entirely on the things you don’t want. The Universe can only deliver that which you focus on.

Instead of seeing situations going away, simply focus on visualising a new situation to replace negative thoughts.

Simply accept a situation and you will stop focusing on it – you will no longer give it energy, no longer give it life.

During new moon or full moon set your intention for your life.

You can write this in your journal or simply say this when you wake up in the morning.

“Today I intend to see new opportunities for making a living, I invite and allow these new opportunities to reveal themselves to me.”


“Today I intend to see all that is possible in my life”

Make these statements with intent and launch a new creation in your life and the Universe will respond and create this in your reality.


With love and light,

Natali x