Natali Brown is an International Bestselling Author, Founder of Sentaura Publishing, Creator of Sentaura Rising and Contributor to the following multi-author books.

Sentaura Rising – Return of the Ancient Creator Frequency

Unapologetic Reviews

5 Stars “A must-read book for anyone who is ready to embody their authentic selves: Life is not meant to be mediocre, you are meant to express yourself as love through your experiences, your voice, and your gifts.” Unapologetic: Shedding Inauthenticity To Become Uniquely You is an invitation to evolve into the empowered version of you — you haven’t met yet. It’s a calling to love yourself wholeheartedly and dive into your unique expression as a human being. From the big picture, Natali’s message as well as all the other amazing women in this book illuminate the truth that the love we become is the love we share. This is a must-read book for anyone who is ready to embody their authentic selves and live from their inner light. It was a wonderful experience to have had the conversation with Natali Brown during a podcast interview! I love her commitment to transforming lives!”

5 Stars “Many transformational journeys within the pages! The metamorphosis from victim to victory is a rocky road of self discovery and self worth, resulting in a desire to liberate and guide others who are trapped in limiting belief patterns. All the authors have valuable skills based on learning and growth, shedding the old, embracing the new , and becoming teachers in the process. Very Inspiring.” Crystal Heart Energy, Auckland NZ

Isis Mother of Magic: Modern Goddesses Who Embody Her Grace and Power

Isis Mother of Magic Reviews

Heal Yourself, Heal the World: Stacked with ancient wisdom and transmuted by women of every kind, this wonderful addition to my library has inspired and inflamed the passion to look deeply within myself for the answers I seek. When the world needs healing the guides shall appear. Thank you to all who had a hand and heart in bringing this publication together for all to read. Very good book and a lovely read that put me into a better state of mind for myself, my family and my world’.

Inspiring Stories of Courage and Overcoming Great Adversity!: This book is a must have for any female trying to embody her highest self… it also makes a great gift! The stories are so inspiring & packed with wisdom and resources. It’s a delight that each author has her own way of expressing her energy which adds so much flavor to this delectable read! Satisfy your soul & get your copy today!”

Warriors of Light: Leaders of the Great Awakening