Are you ready to step into being authentically you? Do you want to raise your energy vibration, learn more about your spiritual self and feel happy and confident with who you are? You have everything inside you to live your calling and claim your unique space.
It takes guts to be real, raw and honest with yourself. I’ve learned that I had to let go of all my self-harming BS! before I could start tapping into the essence of who I really am.
On my journey of self discovery I had to learn how to navigate obstacles my way, there was no map, just listening to my intuition and gut feeling.
I had so many ideas but was too worried that I might offend someone, that I would be judged over and over again. I started making myself really small. This hampered my success in every way and in my eyes I just wasn’t good enough. I kept looking at others wondering when I would be like that!
I’m so glad to say those days are well and truly over! I made a choice to just be me and as soon as I did, the powerful energy of “I am enough” started flowing – it still continues to drive me forward each day.
As soon as I stopped worrying about what was happening on the outside, I started tapping into my inner wisdom, my soul essence.
I’ve learned that being spiritual is nothing to be ashamed of, it’s who I am, at my core! We are all spiritual beings having a human experience here on earth, shining our light and leading the way in our own authentic way.
Being spiritual rocks and teaching you about it is even more awesome!
I was once told I couldn’t be a healer and a spiritual teacher but trusted my guidance and continue to demonstrate through my work that this is the best way to completely heal. With the right tools, guidance and regular spiritual practice you can achieve anything.
I realised making mistakes and getting it wrong is all part of the journey. As long as you always strive to rise and give it another go, doing it your way, being you …. you’ll be fine.
Each time I tried to do something that wasn’t 100% me it would feel so much harder and it would take so much longer for me to achieve what I set out to achieve. Lesson here ….. be 100% you, do it your way!
I’ve learned that it’s easy to offend people but you can’t fix their BS! You need to let them go because you judging yourself over their actions are more harmful to you than them judging you.
It’s not up to you to try and fix everything, nothing is perfect and out of imperfection grows rock solid friendships, success and empowered action.
This year I want to invite you to work with me one on one – no frills, no BS! just me!
My goal this year is to help you BE YOU in every way. To help you release, heal, discover and learn.
With love and light,