Discomfort shows us that there’s something we need to shift in order to grow.

It could be that as you grow, learn and experience life and start seeing the world in a different way that your values and beliefs start to change which causes you discomfort.
Values are important and lasting beliefs or ideals shared by your family or cultures about what is good or bad and desirable or undesirable. Your values influence your behaviour and dictate how you show up in this world.
Often the shifts we go through can be physically felt in our bodies as our minds take on a new paradigm.
I recently had to dissect my values and found that there were quite a few of my values and beliefs that were not in alignment with what I wanted for my life.
It made me super uncomfortable and frustrated and instantly overwhelm set in. It felt like I wanted to run screaming, to get away from this feeling, It was difficult to breathe …. and the ego brought up all my insecurities reminding me of my failures, what I can and can’t do.
My whole body was on fire and my skin felt sensitive to the touch. I felt totally overwhelmed. For those of you who know me I love hugging people and love receiving hugs but in this instance I couldn’t stand being touched.
I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.
I asked my guides to step in and help me release or reveal what I needed to let go of.
Everything went silent ….
And then I heard the words … get up, go walk.
I got up and just walked and after about 10 minutes I could feel the energy in my body re-balance, my mind was quiet and I felt peaceful, completely clear, there was no more noise.
And in this moment of clarity I realised the discomfort I felt was fleeting in the grand scheme of things.
I needed to feel my emotions to be able to shift them. How would I know what absolute peace and clarity feels like if I never experienced discomfort.
By walking, the movement of my body shifted me into a higher energy vibration and brought me to a state where I could make better decisions for my life.
I was now ready to make more positive choices and rewrote all my values to be in alignment with what I wanted for my life.
When you’re in a state of overwhelm, frustration, depression and anger all you can see and feel is that.
Find a way to get your energy moving – dance, walk, jump, run, do whatever feels good for you. Change how you feel in your body and your whole life will change.
And then decide …
What do I really want for my life?
How can I share more of my love with this world?
Write it down and take action towards making it happen.
With love and light,
Natali x