Powerful Women create miracles! How true this is.

I attended a retreat recently and was so moved by the power we as women can create in an environment and circle of unconditional love, forgiveness and trust. Coming together in a circle of light with like-minded souls who encouraged us and enabled us to step into the highest versions of ourselves.

As we shared our deepest truths we were able to heal our hurts, forgive and close the chapter on that which was stopping us from revealing our power and accessing our inner wisdom.

Here we re-learned how to love and allowed the universe and spirit to lead the way for our unfolding and blossoming. We allowed ourselves to be heard and with an open heart we listened.

No one was above and no one was below – we were all equal whilst still beautifully different. We provided a mirror for each other to see our own experiences and life lessons through those of our soul sisters.

We unearthed the spirit within and allowed our soul to fill with love.

I feel empowered, confident and free to create my own magic and will embrace what’s to come with open arms.

And I’m so excited to share it with you. There is a Buddhist saying: “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. Thanks to my beautiful friend and teacher Melissa Mills for reminding me of this.

Everything happens when it’s meant to be.

For so long I’ve doubted and questioned myself and didn’t believe that I was worthy of sharing my message with the world – I wondered “Who am I” and “Am I being to “woo-woo”, what will people think and why would people listen to me.

I realised that I’m just me – with all the quirks, bells and whistles and a bit of woo-woo thrown in too. I stand here before you, open, raw and real without any doubt or fear holding me back. I’ve spread my wings and learned to fly – come fly with me.

I can’t wait to bring you all that I have learned, all my wisdom and love for the greatest good of all.

So many great things are about to happen at NatB WellBeing.

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So it will be.
With much love and light,