The Retreat: Women of The Divine Rewilding Retreat
The Organiser/s: Natali Brown from Natali Brown Wellbeing

The Participant, I or You: Meaning the purchaser of the Retreat and the Person taking part in the activities

Activities: Including but not limited to the following activities including Yoga, dancing, workshops, horse riding, kayaking, swimming, walking, running.
The External Provider/s: All external providers not being Natali Brown Wellbeing.


By signing this form, I hereby acknowledge on behalf of myself that I have familiarised myself with the activities that I will be allowed to participate in, and that I do hereby acknowledge and agree that I will participate in these activities without restriction or limitation.

Private Transportation And Activities

I understand that participation in trip activities could involve risk of physical injury, illness, death or property loss, and despite safety precautions, The Organiser/s cannot guarantee safety thereof, as all risks cannot be prevented.  External Provider/s and The Organiser/s, does not provide health and accident insurance for trip participants, and I understand that any medical expenses, property loss, or other personal expenditures that result during or from this travel/trip, are to be borne by the Participant.

I also hereby consent, give authorisation to, and release from liability; trip leaders, External Provider/s and The Organiser/s, to secure any emergency medical treatment in event I am unable to, and I agree to be responsible for the costs thereof. 

I further acknowledge that if I drive my own vehicle, or am a passenger in another’s private vehicle in connection with this trip/function, that External Provider/s and The Organiser/s auto insurance does not cover such a private vehicle. I also understand that the External Provider/s and The Organiser/s cannot be responsible for assuring the safety and reliability of such private transportation or driver, nor for any activities and travel that the Participant might choose to participate in before, during or after the retreat or activities, and I therefore accept the risks and responsibilities associated with such private vehicle travel and activities.

In consideration of the opportunity afforded, with full knowledge and acceptance of the risks associated with this trip and any recreational activities noted within; and with full understanding of the above issues/conditions and risks, I hereby release, indemnify and hold harmless the External Provider/s and The Organiser/s, its staff, trustees, officers, volunteers, and agents from all form and manner of risks inherent in, and from all claims, suits and demands of any nature arising from participation in said retreat, trip, or activities.

I recognise the inherent risks involved with being in nature:

  1. Scratches/Cuts from coral/rock/shells.
  2. Stings/bites.
  3. Burns.
  4. Allergic reactions to stings/bites/plants/marine life.
  5. Tripping, slipping or falling.
  6. Ingesting water or drowning as a result of my own negligence or not following instructions.
  7. Any and all other risks associated with being in nature and outdoors or indoors.

I recognise the inherent risk involved with any activities not mentioned above, including and not limited to:

Dancing, Walking, Climbing, Running, Swimming, Trekking, Fire Activities

I hereby specifically forever waive and release The External Provider/s and The Organiser/s, it’s owners and its principals and agents from any liability for injury arising out of the inherent risks from all Activities, as well as from the active negligence of The External Provider/s and The Organiser/s it’s principals and agents.

By signing this agreement I hereby acknowledge that although there may be supervision during my time spent with The External Provider/s and The Organiser/s there will not be a nurse on the premises and The External Provider/s and The Organiser/s and it’s principals and agents bear no responsibility for my health or medical care.

I agree to indemnify, save and hold harmless The External Provider/s and The Organiser/s and its principals and agents from and against any loss, liability, damage, attorneys’ fees, or costs that they may incur arising out of or in any way connected with either my presence or participation with The External Provider/s and The Organiser/s or any acts or omissions of The External Provider/s and The Organiser/s, principals or agents.

By signing this Agreement, I hereby acknowledge my complete understanding, agreement and consent to my presence and/or participation in the activities with The External Provider/s and The Organiser/s, without restriction, without liability to The External Provider/s and The Organiser/s it’s principals or agents, and with full knowledge and understanding of the disclosures, waivers, and releases herein.

If I am present at and participate in the activities with The External Provider/s and The Organiser/s I do so at my own risk, and I hereby acknowledge and agree that The External Provider/s and The Organiser/s and/or any of it’s principals and agents shall bear no responsibility or risk associated with injuries that could arise from my presence or participation

These Terms are governed by and to be construed in accordance with the laws of New Zealand. You irrevocably and unconditionally submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New Zealand. If any of these Terms is found to be invalid or unenforceable by a court of law, such invalidity or unenforceable will not affect the remainder of the Terms which will continue in full force and effect.

Travel & Personal Injury Insurance Waiver
Although never expected or anticipated, things outside of The Organiser’s control can happen at the retreat location that may prevent the retreat from being hosted (damage, weather, fires, etc). Because of this, I understand any travel booked more than 30 days out is not recommended. I also understand that it is recommended that travel insurance be purchased as The Organiser is not responsible for travel booked if a change or cancellation has to occur.

I also understand that it is recommended that travel or personal insurance (including cover for high risk activities) be purchased as


Personal Medical/Travel Insurance Waiver

I, The Participant also understand that it is recommended that travel or personal medical insurance (including cover for high risk activities such as Kayaking and Horse Riding) be purchased and release The External Provider/s and The Organiser/s from any and all risk for the duration of The Retreat.

During the Retreat, you will be subject to the laws of New Zealand.