We as light beings are being guided to step out of self doubt into a different way of being and our spirit team is working harder than ever to help us shift.

You might have felt a strong feeling of overwhelm as new energy is pushing us to rise out of lower vibrational fear-based energies and to ascend and rise into more love, peace and joy.

Often we feel  that we are facing our challenges and emotions alone but we are always supported and guided by our spirit guides who have our best interests at heart.

As we step into a higher vibration our emotions will feel more intense and our challenges will feel greater as it’s preparing us for a jump in human evolution.

Even though I’ve always sensed spirit around me I grew up terrified of these beings because of the belief system that made up my childhood, so I chose to block them out. It was only later that I discovered that my spirit team was trying to communicate with me and guide me to help others ascend into a different way of being.


A few years back I met my spirit guides and I’m being guided today to share my experience of meeting my spirit guides with you  – listen to the audio here.

We as light workers, Star Seeds and Way showers are being called to awaken to the power within us at this crucial time and move out of this scattered energy and fearful way of being – our guides and universal energy is helping us to shift our perception of who we are so we can shift into a higher dimension with collective compassion, human ingenuity and co-creation.

A space of love, peace and joy instead of fear, self doubt, guilt and resentment.

Our limiting beliefs around who we actually are have kept us trapped for far too long.

All emotions stem from only two vibrations LOVE and FEAR. From love stems joy, happiness, freedom, confidence and from fear stems resentment, guilt, anxiety, self doubt and other lower emotions.


If you’re ready to let go of fear and step into more love and peace, join me at my upcoming workshop on Sunday, 16 June in Auckland.

Grab your tickets to the workshop here.

I look forward to seeing you there.


Much love and light,