Receive Your Personal Sentaura Source Code™ + Light Language Transmission

The Initiation 

I am offering personal Sentaura Source Code Creations and Initiations. It is my honour and a blessing to connect with all aspects of your multi-dimensional self and channel your personal Sentaura Code.

These sacred key codes can only be activated through the Sentaura Frequency and a Sentaura Initiation channeled by me which is done in person or online once the artwork has been channeled and created.

Receiving your personal Sentaura Creator Code is a unique and powerful gift to yourself.

A personal Sentaura code is a sacred totem for each individual to access their higher aspects of self and highest path of ascension. It holds the constitution of the soul in it’s purest form, is completely unique to you and infused with ancient wisdom of your soul gifts and star lineage in each sacred symbol that makes up the code.

During this session, be initiated to and receive your channeled artwork of your personal Sentaura Source Code for you to keep. During your channeled initiation experience the beautiful healing frequency of Sentaura will flow through you whilst The Seraphim and your personal guides will amplify the energy of this source code in your body and activate your true

This session includes 2 parts:

Part 1: We will meet via zoom or in person for your initial 30 minute session where I will connect with your higher self, The Seraphim and your personal guides. During this session I’ll receive guidance to begin the creation of your personal Sentaura Source Code.

Please allow at least 7 to 14 days for me to channel and design your personal Sentaura Code.

Part 2: Once your personal code is created we will meet via zoom or in person for your next 30 minute session which includes the reveal of your personal code and your initiation to this code. During this session we will be joined by The Seraphim and your personal guides to ensure you receive the best possible outcome from this session. You’ll also receive the recording including the light language transmission from me to keep.

**Artwork is channeled and the final image cannot be amended or changed to your liking.

How each key code is created

A day or two before initiations I start receiving images of your key code and channeled information about it from The Seraphim and The Divine. Often I will also receive information from Mother Gaia and Other Beings of the Highest Light as a co-creative effort.

As I create each code and channel through symbols, light language, shapes to make up the code is infused with Seraphim Diamond Light.

Each Royal Creator Code holds within it ancient source information and works as a key to unlock and activate your highest Soul Blueprint, upgrade your DNA at cellular level and your light body template.

Together the Sentaura Healing Frequency and the Royal Diamond Source Creator Key Codes heal and upgrade very specific aspects of your mind, body and spirit whilst unlocking your dormant creator codes and gifts across multiple dimensions, realms, time and space, releasing trauma triggers and emotional charges manifesting in the etheric, physical and emotional body on all levels.

How to use your personal Sentaura Code

Here are just a few ways:

  • Connect with the code during meditation and ask for further guidance from your Higher Self or use it as a tool for healing and expansion of consciousness. You can set the intention to do this when you work with your Sentaura Code.
  • Have it printed and turn it into a beautiful piece of art for your home or sacred workspace or healing room.
  • Often people ask me whether I can create a code specifically to be turned into a tattoo. This is possible, please discuss it with me at our first session.
  • Use your code as a screensaver on your phone and allow it to infuse your day with joy, love and peace.