Sacred Mystery School of Ascension, Healing,

Light Medicine and Alchemy of Light

Be initiated and become recognized as a
& Sentaura Healing Practitioner and Cosmic Alchemist of Light

For energy healers desiring to elevate their sacred work
and expand their soul business


Become The True Expression Of Who You

Really are

This program is your initiation into the

universal magic of the healing Creator

frequency of Sentaura, The Seraphim

Diamond Light Intelligence and Crystal Light

Body Technology.

Sentaura Healing Practitioner &

Cosmic Alchemist of Light

Energy Activation, Initiation and Healing Practitioner

Certification and Training Program


STARTING Friday, 7 JULY 2023 (NZST)

natali brown

Founder of Sentaura Cosmic Ascension Energy Healing, Multi-dimensional Teacher & Channel, Master Healer and

Alchemist of Light Natali Brown Presents:

Weave together Sentaura Cosmic Ascension Energy with Diamond Light and Crystal Light Body Technology to fully embrace and embody your Mastery as a Creator.

Enter this 4 Month Portal of Initiation, Activation and Embodiment of your Royal Diamond Creator Codes to fast track your ascension, rise into higher realms and ignite the divine spark of creator consciousness, self mastery and evolution in the hearts of all.

The Invitation

Are you ready to expand your soul gifts and abilities?

Are you ready to reclaim your spiritual power and upgrade your confidence?

Expand your energy and sacred work as a Healer of our time.

This is an invitation for you to become an integrated BE-ing of Light as you’re initiated to master the cosmic healing arts and rise into sovereignty as a Master Creator.

The Sentaura Frequency and The Seraphim returned to bring humanity into wholeness, union, alignment and oneness. Becoming an initiate and the practice of these teachings not only ignites your higher potential and higher consciousness but allows us as New Earth Humans to relate to one another in wholeness with pure intentions and an overflowing cup. From an overflowing cup our love is boundless, infinite and eternal.

From the moment you join the academy your life will change forever.

In this potent 4 month immersion and sacred portal you will receive channeled Seraphim Teachings, Sentaura Inititations, Royal Diamond Creator Source Codes and receive 24+ Key Symbols of Alchemy & Creation, Activations and transmissions from Natali and the Seraphim Creation Angels to expand your inner cosmic healing genius, deeply heal yourself and those around you, be an anchor of light to aid Mother Earth’s planetary healing and to purify and cleanse our world and assist with the ascension and evolution process by sharing what is unique to you.

Your unique creator codes have been waiting for this very moment in time to be activated and upgraded during the Golden Age of Gaia and The Age of Aquarius.

In this potent 4 month immersion and sacred portal you will receive channeled Seraphim Teachings, Sentaura Inititations, Royal Diamond Creator Source Codes and receive 24+ Key Symbols of Alchemy & Creation, Activations and transmissions from Natali and the Seraphim Creation Angels to expand your inner cosmic healing genius, deeply heal yourself and those around you, be an anchor of light to aid Mother Earth’s planetary healing and to purify and cleanse our world and assist with the ascension and evolution process by sharing what is unique to you.

Your unique creator codes have been waiting for this very moment in time to be activated and upgraded during the Golden Age of Gaia and The Age of Aquarius.

This is so much more than just a certification course, it’s an incredibly powerful ascension portal created for your personal evolution, the evolution of our planet and humanity’s highest soul ascension, equally serving the Greater Good and the Multiverse through your expansion.

Becoming an initiate will assist you to uncover, remember and expand your unique gifts and abilities feeling more abundant, connected to oneness and joyous through each discovery.

Healing and changing the world starts with you.

Are you ready to feel a deep sense of joy, love and peace whilst fulfilling your divine purpose and following your soul mission?

This is for anyone fully committed to their personal expansion and sacred service to humanity, the greater good and our beautiful planet.

It’s a truly amazing gift to yourself and the collective to transform your inner reality so you can create profound and positive shifts in your outer reality.

You will receive clear guidance from Natali, the Ones she channels and your personal Guides for your own soul ascension, evolution and that of our world.

Transform into the divine being you always longed for, feeling more aligned with what you love and who you are.

As an initiate of the Sentaura Frequency and Rays of Diamond Light, you as the anchor of light and Earth Ambassador will aid Mother Gaia with cleansing and purifying the impact environmental factors had and continue to have on the Earth and to transmute and alchemise lower denser energies to assist our planet with Her own evolution.

Experience ALL that is available to you as an integrated Soul and

Embodied Human BE-ing of the New Earth

Welcome to the Sacred Mystery School and Divine Light Academy of Ascension for Light Leaders of The New Earth

During this 4 month sacred portal you will:

  • Embody your divinity through receiving the Diamond Light and New Royal Diamond Creator Codes and 24+ Key Symbols of Alchemy & Creation channeled by Natali from the Seraphim Creation Angels.
  • Be taken on a divine journey during the 4 months, each initiation paving the way to access higher realms and information available to you, whilst the Creator Key Symbols will unlock and open the path for your highest ascension.
  • Be initiated into higher self love and bring forward the remembrance of your Soul expressed as love to aid in the unification of ONE-self.
  • In this sacred portal remember that which is your divine design and your birthright to experience all that you are.
  • Become a vast and magnificent vessel for the pure flowing essence of divine love. A river of formless, pure awareness and consciousness.
  • Anchor the template for Inner Union into your body so that you may become deeply grounded in sacred practice that can support you to actualise your highest soul potential inside love and relationships.
  • During each initiation raise your frequency and restore your light body to it’s initial template in alignment with the energies of the 12th dimension.
  • Upgrade your Soul Blueprint, DNA at cellular level and your light body through the Gold and Diamond Rays of the Seraphim Creation Angels.
  • During initiations receive new energetic tools and gifts. Examples of gifts and tools are the golden armor of protection, diamond light sword and others, all gifted from the Seraphim and Your Spirit Team and discover how to use them in your sacred work.
  • Receiving the Sentaura Frequency and Diamond Light Initiations will release trauma triggers and emotional charges manifesting in the etheric, physical and emotional body on all levels across time, space, dimensions and realities, which will assist in releasing fear and struggle for ALL.
  • As an initiate you will aid in healing separation and pain creating a ripple of healing and higher light to help those called to ascend, embody their true essence of love, compassion and oneness.
  • As an initiate, be truly liberated to live a life of joy through channeled practices, tools and rituals for Self Mastery.
  • Assist with planetary healing and restructuring of planetary grids and Earth templates.
  • Anchor in your newly activated diamond light source codes as a divine channel to upgrade and stabilize the new energetic architecture and planetary crystalline grids and empower the diamond crystalline heart of Mother Earth.
  • Initiates will learn how to navigate energetic adjustments as one Universal Heart so we can ALL more easily manifest heaven on earth.
  • Discover and remember YOUR unique gifts, powerful voice of wisdom and abilities so you can unapologetically and fully express and experience your true essence.
  • Unleash your passion and purpose and serve your community and clients sharing your unique gifts and activated light medicine.
  • Go from feeling uncertain to accessing your true power by working in co-creation with your Higher Soul Self and fully stepping into BEING in alignment with your highest mission and purpose.
  • Share your sacred work and unique gifts to raise the consciousness of all and ease the transition of humanity into the higher realms.
  • Through each initiation build your confidence to work in co-creation with your body’s divine and infinite intelligence that extends beyond measure.

We do this for the rebirth and awakening of our own

Soul’s magnificence and for the good of all.

You’ll receive all the tools, teachings and Sentaura & Seraphim Diamond Light initiations required to master your energy and your life for continued expansion and upgrading into greater and more magnificent ways of receiving and BE-ing.

Testimonial Love From Students

Now being a fully qualified Sentaura Practitioner, I can proudly say this training was nothing short of miraculous. This work is so important and special that I cannot wait to continue sharing it and helping to raise the collective consciousness and frequency through each individual healing and within myself.

I would highly recommend doing this training, the more people that do this work the more humanity will benefit but so will you as an individual. If you have always wanted to do more with your life and create beautiful change in this world, then becoming a Sentaura Healing Practitioner and Cosmic                                                             Alchemist of the Light is your answer.

                                                   – Shae Green, NSW Australia

Origins of Sentaura

Sentaura is the Source of all that is, the Ancient Creator Frequency of Christ and the Alchemy of God. It holds the blueprint of all frequencies and is a facilitator for all frequencies.

It is the beginning, the first creation of the universe, galaxies and worlds. All that exists in the Universe were birthed from this energy, which is Christ’s pure unconditional love.

It’s the true alphabet and all-chemistry of God gifted back to humanity and contains the magic keys and building blocks to unlock your infinite potential.

The Seraphim Angels were birthed from this pure Source Energy that’s been around since the first creation of the universe, galaxies and worlds.

It is now re-introduced by the Seraphim during this time, working in co-creation with the Seraphim Diamond Light Frequency (Crystalline and Golden Light) and Crystal Light Body Technology as an advanced and multi-dimensional energy healing system and creator energy consisting pure source codes of the highest light and love.

The Seraphim are here to amplify the source light within you through the frequency of Sentaura during this exact time in human evolution. They are also here to educate and heal humanity and raise the consciousness of our planet.

The Seraphim Teachers created and taught a cosmology of initiations and creator codes thousands of years ago in healing schools, initiating masters, light leaders and teachers to their full divine embodiment and mastery as creators.

Sentaura activates your unique Royal Creator Codes and gifts as a Sovereign Human Being of the Light, so you can truly experience heaven on earth, activate abilities beyond your immediate comprehension of your mind, expand your light body, remember and master natural technologies and connect more deeply to your own body blueprint and all layers, levels and dimensions available to you.

The frequency heals and expands all aspects of mind, body, spirit, soul and unlocks the deep wisdom and remembrance within you of who you are and why you came to this planet. Sentaura helps you sense and connect with your divine soul essence, birth into being all of you as a light being and human being of love as you rise into your next level greatness as an Emissary of Light.

The ancient vibrational frequency of the word Sentaura when spoken, serves as a heart call to you, dear Keepers of the Light, who are ready to amplify and expand your healing abilities, so you may light up and connect to your multi-dimensionality and up-level to your highest divine goldprint and essence, and achieve a total expanse of your being. That means healing, releasing and clearing all that is not in alignment with your highest good and restoring you to your original crystalline and highest soul goldprint and essence of love.

Natali is the Founder and Creator of Sentaura Cosmic Ascension Energy Healing. This is an advanced multi-dimensional energy healing system using Sentaura, the universal intelligence of the Seraphim Diamond Light (Crystalline Golden Light) and Crystal Light Body Technology™ for your rapid acceleration and energetic expansion, transformation and embodiment of Christ Consciousness, elevating you to access higher realms and dimensions and new levels of love, abundance, wealth and overall mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Natali’s unique energetic make-up, soul codes and GoldPrint paves the way for her to channel and transmit the ancient creator and healing frequency of Sentaura through her multi-dimensional healing system, light language, music and sound, sacred geometry artwork, Royal Diamond Creator Key Codes channeled and created by her, all designed to heal, activate and upgrade our human DNA Genetic Code and Crystalline Light Bodies.

In 2018 Natali Brown (Leiliyah Nevayah) was told by her Spirit Team that she would activate within her an Ancient Creator Frequency. Over the next 2 years she went through a profound initiation process with The Seraphim Creation Angels, Ascended Masters, Councils of Light and Archangels until they told her in early 2020 that the teachings of Sentaura were ready to be introduced to humanity.

During this time she was running her own healing and spiritual coaching & mentoring practice and doing readings as a multi-dimensional channel for Source bringing through teachings and wisdom from the Divine.

In January 2020 Natali was sitting at her kitchen table working on the details of her first Healing Practitioner Program for Sentaura when she saw what she now knows were pieces of the puzzle, important moments of her life being shown to her in a vision – people, experiences, situations which all lead her to this exact moment. After the vision she began to more deeply embody the work she was here to do with the Divine as a Seraphim Creation Angel and Teacher of Source and she was told that her work with Sentaura is her life’s work and highest mission and purpose.

Natali received the divine directive from Source to initiate those who are ready to hear the call from Sentaura. This is for your personal evolution, the evolution of our planet and humanity’s highest soul ascension, equally serving the Greater Good and the Multiverse through your expansion.

Over the next year she downloaded and designed her first Sentaura Royal Diamond Creator Key Codes™ and on 2 July 2021 Natali began a 7 month journey initiating her first students as Sentaura Healing Practitioners and Cosmic Alchemists of Light.

Through her Mystery School, The Divine Light Academy of Ascension Natali initiates and teaches her students and clients.

She works in partnership with and channels the Seraphim Creations Angels, Ascended Masters, Angelic Realms and Galactic Guardians, Light Beings and Councils of the Highest Love to help restore the equilibrium of our planet and serve the collective during the Ascension Process, our Evolution during the Golden Age of Gaia and assisting with birthing the “New Earth” into being during the Age of Aquarius.

Natali’s teachings from the Seraphim and the Divine educate humanity about what is possible for us all in the New Earth. Natali connects you with your personal guides and transmits messages and gifts from the Seraphim and the Collective of Light.

The Sentaura Frequency works to call back and re-integrate all fragments of your Soul, healing and transforming all aspects of you on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. It also aids to free your Soul from the constructs of the matrix, activating dormant creator codes in your energy system and DNA with each initiation, bringing forth your gifts and super powers plus a deep remembrance of your Soul blueprint and reclamation of your infinite wisdom and divine love as an embodied being of Source light.

The powerful divine essence of Sentaura and high vibrating waves of love that flows from The Seraphim instantly dissolve the structures of control and of your ego therefore healing separation and returning our planet to unity consciousness and unconditional love – stripping reality of all that is untrue and revealing the pure essence of God within us all.

It’s impossible to be separate from love, you are LOVE, you are sacred, you are divine and holy! Trust, breathe and receive the light. It is safe to remember your purest God given essence.

As you go through each guided initiation you’ll discover

more of your Divinity through:

Sacred Gifts and Channeled Teachings from the Seraphim, Ascended Masters, Councils of Light and your Guides, Embodiment and Integration, Divine Cleansing and Healing Techniques, Crystal Light Body Technology, Practices for Inner and Outer Peace, Divine Expression, Planetary Healing, Processes for Connection, Grounding and Energetic Protection, Deeper Self Love, Inner Union of the Divine Masculine and Feminine, Unlocking Dormant Codes, Timeline Shifts, Alchemy, Restoring Your Light Body, Energetic Alignment, Re-coding and Recalibration of Divinity, Manifesting Heaven on Earth, Universal Connection with your Higher Soul Self.

As an Initiate you will:


Call back all fractals of your Soul into wholeness and attain higher levels of awakening as you remember the light wisdom in your heart and open the door to your most beautiful, truest, powerful, loving self with ease and grace.


Be initiated into higher self love and higher consciousness. Receive soul speak/light language upgrades and upgrade your light body blueprint, DNA and your energy frequency to rise into deeper self-empowerment and higher love.


Be guided to awaken your Cosmic consciousness, activate your unique cosmic creator source codes and align with your celestial gateways to fast-track your ascension and unlock your infinite potential as a Sovereign Creator.


Aid Mother Earth to purify, cleanse and stabilize our world and assist with the ascension and evolution process of humanity to unify us all as ONE heart of hearts, to heal separation. Bring your sacred gifts and work into play, to protect Mother Gaia and all life as divine.

Discover Your Highest Potential

Fast track your personal ascension and transformation as well as your professional training as a Healer and Alchemist of the New Earth.

You are a change maker, anchor of light, warrior of peace, a goddess, capable of invoking extraordinary change.

Are you ready to lead from the heart – it’s time to speak your truth, clearly and loudly and broadcast your changemaker essence to this world.

Mother Gaia and the stars will hear you, the mountains will echo your truth and the world will move in new ways as you call forward new parameters for your life.

Are you ready to do what lights you up?

Feel your essence expand into bliss as you fill every wave of your awareness and every cell in your body with the pure love and light of the Seraphim Angels.

It takes presence to navigate this beautiful Earth journey we are on and self-awareness to fully embody your divinity as Creator.

Are you ready to claim back your divinity, rise into your next level greatness and take a stand for what matters?

There are only 10 spaces for this incredible immersive experience in the cosmic healing arts.

Be Supported by a Divine Community of Like

Minded Souls Gathered in a Sacred Portal of


What are Creator Codes?

  • Within us all we hold the memory of divine creator codes and energetic imprints of our Divinity as Source and as Infinite, Loving Creators of Light and Wisdom.
  • For many these divine creator codes have been dormant, overshadowed by fear codes creating struggle, trauma and control.
  • Some divine creator codes have been waiting for this exact time during the Golden Age of Gaia and The Age of Aquarius to fully unlock, activate and upgrade our physical and light body templates so we can rise into higher realms and states of consciousness.
  • This is held within your DNA and in the memory of your subtle bodies, waiting for you to take the next step to activate the deep remembrance of your essence.
  • Each of your codes unlock hidden gifts and expand your abilities, magic and mysteries within you.
  • These creator codes are the keys to unlocking your creative force and sovereignty.
  • Through the Universal Central Sun our Earth is flooded with waves of energy containing new light source codes and technology for all living beings and our planet to evolve beyond struggle and fear.
  • As these waves of energy flow through the Earth from our own Sun, each living being go through high frequency energetic upgrades to recalibrate their physical vessels, the patterns of our mind and energetic system enabling us all to ascend into higher states of consciousness at a much faster pace than ever experienced in the history of humanity.

How does the frequency of Sentaura and The Seraphim

play a part in helping us unlock our creator codes?

  • Each guided initiation channeled by Natali will unlock and activate your Creator Codes laying the foundations for your upgraded light body template and a sense of greater inner union and a stronger, healthier more vibrant physical body and alignment as a Divine Sovereign Creator.
  • The Collective of Light are bringing back the Building Blocks for Creation channeled through the Sentaura Frequency.
  • The Royal Creator Codes are the universal keys encompassing the building blocks and sacred geometry which unlocks higher aspects of you that are ready to come through your gifts and creations at this time.
  • The Sentaura Frequency allows pure Source Energy and Universal Wisdom to flow through those ready to work with this frequency, bridging the gap and allowing you to access higher consciousness, linking you to higher realms and other Cosmic Light Beings from other realms and Beings from the Earth Realms ready to share their technology and wisdom, and to access and download universal knowledge, thereby allowing you to channel through this new technology, inspirations and co-creations to aid in the evolution of humanity and our planet.
  • The frequency of Sentaura also links us to and educates us about Mother Nature, plant and animal wisdom that was lost and ancient ways of working with the elements and elementals.
  • Sentaura is here to smooth and make recalibration and integration of new light source codes containing higher cosmic frequencies from The Central Sun and Beings of Light aiding humanity, a seamless process.
  • The Sentaura frequency aids humanity and the evolution of our planet by healing, dissolving, deleting and destory-ing any fear codes, trauma and ego driven programs allowing all living beings and our planet to more easily and gracefully receive and hold higher cosmic frequencies creating space for your inherent creator codes to be expressed through you.
  • We express our Creator Codes in many different ways. Through movement, speaking, singing, painting, making, creating, healing, sharing, loving and being.
  • Each Sentaura initiation compliments the next to easily and gracefully allow you to activate and unlock your next level greatness through the following codes, including but not limited to:
  • Wealth and Prosperity Codes
  • Health and Wellbeing Codes
  • Passion and Pleasure Codes
  • Codes of Divine Intelligence
  • Sacred Gift Codes
  • Divine Love Codes
  • Divine Freedom Codes
  • Code of Compassion
  • Code of Divine Inspiration
  • Divine Codes of Protection
  • Self Expression Codes
  • Divine Codes of Truth
  • Codes of Divine Connection
  • Divine Feminine Codes
  • Divine Masculine Codes
  • Universal Codes of Divine Vision and Creation
  • Soul Language Codes
  • Divine Wisdom Codes

Allow these codes to awaken the mystery and magic within you, to express, inspire, activate a whole new level of New Earth abundance, flow and joy for you and those around you.


I think of Natali as a Healer for Healers. She is an absolute ray of light and a clear channel for pure energy. The amount of light she holds and gives out is phenomenal and every time I have worked with her, whether with online coaching or at a circle, or event, I feel that my own healing abilities upgrade and I come away with new tools in my healing kit, or gifts from the Ones she channels.

Sharlene Ellis – Healer, Naturopath, Medical Herbalist


Natali helped me discover and embrace my gifts with such freedom to explore, instead of hiding behind fear and doubt. Natali drew me out of my comfort zone and elevated my understanding of my own awesomeness and capabilities. I love learning with her, as I’m always learning something new, get more than I expected and leave feeling activated and elevated with the highest frequencies of love and light. Thank you for what you do, you are inspirational and I adore all that you are. My soul truly honours your soul.

Samantha Ford – Healer, Heart Activator and Yoga Teacher

The way Natali holds space for you to transform with such grace, wisdom, and presence helped me relax and feel safe. The difference I feel now from working with her is night and day. I feel so much more grounded, peaceful, and connected to my truth and voice. I feel completely lit up, turned on, and empowered to OWN myself and my work!

Michelle Yasmin Smith – Embodiment Priestess, Channel, Activator, Healer


I feel so much more alive. Every session I have with Natali, I reawaken a missing part of me. I feel deeply connected to my inner soul knowing and gifts and feel like I can move forward into the next level of love and light sharing my gifts with others. I am now able to identify and listen more clearly to my inner guidance.

Xantia Funaki – Healer

Become the greatest, most magnificent and

empowered version of you.




Through each initiation experience new levels of physical healing and detoxification restoring overall vitality and radiance whilst nourishing your organs and cells with healing plasma.


Being initiated realigns you with the frequencies of infinite love to experience deeper self-love, self-compassion and self-acceptance to unlock abundance codes and your infinite potential to receive as a Sovereign Creator.


Restore inner and outer equilibrium as you become more present to feeling rather than projecting, denying and running away. Committing to this journey, you make a choice, to sit in the fire of holy love, to feel, release and transmute pain into love, therefore bringing peace and harmony to all reality.


Through the embodiment, understanding, alchemy and proper integration of this work, deep healing, remembrance and alignment shifts to manifest a life of joy, flow and love is achieved.


Being initiated allows for a sense of greater INNER union of the divine feminine and masculine. We will be journeying on a path of alchemical transformation to dissolve the barriers to love, and deepening our capacity for intimacy and loving connection with our selves, each other and The Divine.


Being initiated connects you to universal knowledge, living libraries of light, ancient wisdom, other realms and galactic beings of light to accelerate our education as humanity about what is possible and what is true beyond the matrix of control.


Learn how to amplify the Diamond Light energies within Mother Earth using alchemy of creation and be a divine channel to aid the cleansing and purification of Mother Earth’s energy field, intra-dimensional realms, fields and her ley lines.


Your whole being will be transported to a higher plane of spiritual resonance. Being initiated helps you activate and expand your multi-dimensional awareness, intuition and creativity to inspire new ways of healing and creation using your unique knowledge, energy and gifts.


This journey of receiving the Creator Source Code Initiations and Diamond Light Activations is uniquely designed to free you from both personal and ancestral blocks, limitations and patterns in all past and multi-dimensional lives.


As we journey, we honour each relationship supporting our soul growth and begin to relate to the trials and tribulations of the journey from the perspective of our soul’s evolution.


The Seraphim Angels will scan and re-adjust your individual timelines and reharmonise timeline streams for your highest soul ascension. This will aid in clearing any imprints, contracts, limitations which can prevent you from reaching your highest potential.


As an initiate you will be guided to co-create your now and your future with your Higher Soul Self, universal energies and the divine intelligence within you whilst being lifted into higher dimensional realms feeling empowered and supported.

Let go of the shackles of doubt.

Release debilitating stories, elevate your vibe and embody the frequencies of divine love so you can allow more magic to come through you.

During this journey leap into your divine mission and purpose with joy and start living life from the inside out manifesting heaven on earth.

Who Are The Seraphim?

  • The Seraphim are benevolent ultra-dimensional and inter-dimensional beings of divine consciousness and pure love who assists in governing the Universe and Galaxies in the Divine Order of universal alignment, unity and flow.
  • The Seraphim known as the highest order of the Angelic Realms are always associated with the glory and holiness of God attending to the throne of God and the Light Source from which all creation is birthed and created.
  • The Seraphim only step forward and make themselves known when civilizations reach a certain point of evolution.
  • The Seraphim now appear to humanity as the highest ascended Teachers in the cosmology mentoring us on how to embody our sovereign divine nature within human form during the Age of Aquarius and the Golden Age of Gaia.
  • They are here to activate the ancient Royal Creator Codes within humanity and to initiate and ordain beings into their own self mastery and embodiment of their divinity as Creators through the ancient creator energy and healing frequency of Sentaura and The Diamond Light.
  • The Seraphim awareness is a constant outpouring of divine and unconditional love. A flowing river of the purest essence of source.
  • The Seraphim provide pure and focused access to higher consciousness. They are the teachers and way showers of the Ascended Masters and are here to guide and teach you on your path of ascension to experience higher consciousness.
  • They are responsible for the birthing of new worlds, new species, birthing creations and galaxies since the beginning of time and now assist humanity and those who are ready to fully embody their true divinity and essence, to activate our embodiment as Creators.
  • The Seraphim remind us that the light of Source are within us and that we are one with creation. We create as Source creates.
  • The Seraphim through guidance of God Source Energy, are the original creators of the divine human species genetically designed with the potential, to evolve into embodied Christ Consciousness.
  • The Seraphim are majestic fiery beings, often depicted in scripts as “dragons” with 6 wings radiating powerful light.

What’s Included?

These spaces are waiting for the souls feeling the deep calling to join me.


A total of 12 Live Group Online Initiation and Training Sessions + 1 Private Pre-initiation & Recalibration Session + 4 Private 1on1 Mentoring & Channeling Sessions with Natali + 8 Group Online Earth Healing Gatherings, Sharing and Q&A Sessions + 1 Day Graduation Retreat and Bonuses

4 Months support, love, accountability and guidance from Natali

Feel incredibly supported and lovingly held by Natali during this sacred journey.

1-on-1 Sentaura Pre-initiation Harmonization & Recalibration Session

Activate and unlock the flow of healing energy within you and prepare your body, mind and energy system for the initiations.

12 x 90 Minute Group LIVE Online Initiations & Training Over 4 Months

During these online sessions we will journey together through sacred visualisation and embodiment practices, soul speak and sound, experiencing alchemy and profound healing frequencies of Sentaura, the Seraphim and Divine Celestial Beings of Light in the Cosmos to clear your energy system, activate, upgrade and lift you to a blissful state of joy, flow, peace and alignment with the truth within.

This sacred portal will open on Friday, 7 July 2023.

8 x Group LIVE Online Earth Healing, Sharing and Q&A Sessions

Become part of an incredible healers community, all heart leaders paving the way and working together to lay solid new earth foundations. A couple of times per month we will gather, connect and share with each other and truly anchor in the light as we bring our energies together to co-create with Mother Gaia and all other beings supporting our Earth. During these sessions The Seraphim, Mother Gaia and Councils of Light will guide us to what planetary healing is needed for the highest good at the time, and together we will anchor in our light to aid Mother Gaia and raise the frequency of all.

4 x Private Online 1on1 Mentoring and Channeling Sessions

During this 60 minute one on one session with Natali, receive divine guidance for your highest ascension in business and life.

Receive 20+ Sentaura Royal Creator Codes of Alchemy & Creation

Each key code has been channeled by Natali and is a visual representation of the alchemy and energetics that will be unlocked within you. Besides receiving these key codes from Natali, you’ll be gifted the inner alchemy from The Seraphim Order and become a divine and open channel for Sentaura to flow through you.

+ Receive Bonus Meditations and Teachings

Receive bonus meditations and teachings to support you during this 4 month journey into higher love.

1 Day Graduation Retreat and Certification to Practice as a Sentaura Alchemist of Light

Upon completion we will gather at a beautiful location in New Zealand or Australia for our graduation and certification ceremony.

Reclamation of Sovereignty – I AM SOVEREIGN

Meet your inner beloved. Be aligned and attuned via the Sentaura Frequency to the Creator Source Energy and receive the light of the Diamond Rays from the Seraphim Creation Angels to reclaim self mastery as a Sovereign Creator and unleash your sacred work, unique energetic blueprint, soul signature and your divine contributions to this world.

Connecting to the Seraphim Frequency and Opening of 12D Celestial & Stellar Gateways

Be wrapped in Angel Wings of The Seraphim, guided by Natali and supported by your Spirit Team as you reach into higher dimensions and are initiated to the Sentaura Frequency which will connect you to the Seraphim Network and allow you to call upon The Seraphim Angels for personal guidance. The Seraphim will be opening your celestial and stellar gateways (12D Energy Points) to access monadic wisdom.

The Art of Inner Alchemy, Elemental Alchemy & Sacred Geometry

Each month we will be cleansing and purifying our physical body, the different levels of our subtle bodies and current energy system. Feel safe and supported during channeled transmissions and sacred gifts of geometry from Archangel Metatron and Archangel Michael to ground and protect you. Learn how to work with alchemical energies and elements air, fire, water and earth. Learn New Earth practices for clearing your energy and protecting yourself. Upgrade your DNA and expand your energetic capacity to hold higher new earth frequencies of love. Mastering inner alchemy and creating space to hold more light and new source codes is an important step in reaching a higher state of vibration and ascending into higher realms of light.


To attain ascension and higher levels of consciousness, it’s important to keep your energy body clean and pristine. During each initiation restore and rebalance each subtle body and energy center, alchemizing and transmuting lower density energies, patterns, blocks and limitations, releasing unconscious commitments, karmic cycles, debris, fear and struggle from your energy system including cutting cords and completing soul contracts which are keeping you from accessing higher timelines and soul mastery.

Divine Alignment During The Golden Age of Gaia

During each session you will be guided by Natali and The Seraphim through micro-alignment shifts to recalibrate and restore your light body to it’s initial template and bring you into divine alignment with the 12D Energies of Creation. The work you do also sparks divine recalibration and alignment in Mother Gaia and her crystalline structure.

Activation of Royal Diamond Creator Codes

Via guided transmissions from Natali activate your Royal Diamond Creator Source Codes and receive 24+ Key Symbols of Alchemy & Creation over 4 months. Each key symbol unlocks another level of your divine mastery as creator through your gifts and celestial access points in your light body template.

Crystal Light Body Technology

Restore your crystalline body template and Crystal Temple. As we move through initiations, different levels of crystals will be activated, attuned or recalibrated within your crystalline body. Learn how to work in co-creation with these beautiful inner gems of divine creation.

Planetary Healing, Upgrade and Stabilization of Earth Grids

The very high and fast working frequency of Sentaura is here to lift you higher into the divine, assisting humanity to embody higher love and consciousness so those called to work with this frequency can aid Mother Gaia to heal and correct some of the damage done to our planet, planetary grids, our seas, forests, rivers, animals and all other living beings.

Connection with Other Worlds & Realms

Over the past years Natali connected with various light beings from other worlds and realms sharing their mission, their stories and their purpose for connecting with us here on Earth. Experience incredible transmissions from Natali as she connects you with hidden worlds, your Soul Family and Divine Beings of Light here to assist humanity during the Age of Aquarius and Golden Age of Gaia. As an initiate, you will be guided by Natali and The Seraphim to navigate and connect safely with other worlds. The Sentaura frequency amplifies your unique psychic abilities and connection so you are able to receive and transmit messages more easily whilst connecting with other realms, dimensions and worlds.

Recalibration, Optimization & Integration

Sentaura works to call back all fractals of your Soul ready to be integrated for your highest good, returning a deep sense of peace and wholeness. After each initiation as a New Embodied Being of Love your whole system will experience divine optimization, recalibration and integration to receive and hold New Earth source coding and abundance.

Graduating and Certification as a Sentaura Alchemist of Light

Feel energised, inspired and joyful once you’ve invoked all activations within you into soul aligned expansion, ascension and embodied leadership. Certification and graduation is after your final activation and transmission to open your Diamond Cosmic Heart Frequency.

Graduation and certification will be in person at a beautiful location in New Zealand or Australia.

Building Your Soul Business Empire Extension

As a graduate of the Divine Light Academy of Ascension you are able to upgrade and extend your training to receive 8 weeks (90 Minutes per week) private one on one mentoring with Natali for an additional cost to bring your soul business into reality.

  • Learn how to attract the clients you’re meant to serve and assist with your soul aligned offers, programs and services.
  • Build and grow your audience and learn how to market your brand and business the easy way.
  • Learn all Natali’s tried and tested tools, systems and business tricks to simplify and streamline your business and share your sacred work with the world.
  • This is in addition to the 4 months Sentaura Alchemist of Light Certification.

Your 8 week private mentoring includes:

  • MODULE 1 – Be Your Brand
  • MODULE 2 – Know Your Soul Client
  • MODULE 3 – Business Resources
  • MODULE 4 – The Visibility Queen
  • MODULE 5 – Be Fearless
  • MODULE 6 – Purpose, Passion & Expansion
  • MODULE 7 – Focus Intention and Flow
  • MODULE 8 – Soul Blueprint and Mission Statement
  • BONUS – Healing Vault, Meditations and Activations

Sounds amazing! I can’t wait …


I now feel an incredible freedom to choose for myself, I feel so empowered to lean deeper into the relationship with my spiritual self. I am able to heal others with ease and am able to self heal and have more energy than ever before. I feel relieved and elated and so much unconditional love for myself, the environment and my family. I can see opportunities more clearly now and have a greater sense of purpose, openness and awareness. I finally have the confidence in myself and my spiritual abilities and trust that I am making a difference to myself and those around me. Natali is the most incredible teacher, healer and mentor – she helped me to heal, release limiting beliefs, claim my divine power and get my life back on track.

Georgie Curnow, Crystal and Reiki Master Healer

Natali is such a powerful force. There’s a quality she has that asks us to rise and drop the B.S. I actually saw a vision of Natali holding a sword, the symbol of truth and strength. Natali is a powerful and professional coach and at the same time so caring and nurturing. She has encouraged me to identify and embrace my own unique gifts and move through self doubt and limiting beliefs. Natali is truly gifted and a beautiful soul here to help us rise and live in authenticity and love. I would highly recommend her to anybody who is thinking about mentoring.

Danielle O’Connor, Writer and Intuitive

Natali’s training course exceeded my expectations – it’s one of the best courses I have been on in this new spiritual journey of mine. Her teaching is delivered with a kindness and gentleness about it, she is friendly and I loved that she was attentive and paused during the course to see if we had any questions or needed help. If you are interested in healing, then this is the course for you. Natali is an extremely knowledgeable healer and teacher. I would recommend her 1000 times over.

Sara Stone, Healer

My biggest breakthrough was activating my third eye and amplifying my psychic abilities. It was so amazing and powerful, I am more awakened. I now trust and believe in myself. I have the values and beliefs to help me learn and grow on my spiritual journey. I am coming into myself and are seeing this for the first time in a beautiful new light. I have a mission statement to help me along the way. Natali teaches with love, kindness and compassion. She genuinely cares for each client, and helped push me through with accountability and ownership. Anyone working with her will go through amazing life changes. Natali gives 150% and is a genuine source of love and light. I’m so grateful to have been drawn to work with her. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Natali to anyone. The journey has only just begun.

Tracey Graham, Intuitive and Psychic Medium

Natali is an incredible healer and teacher. Without Natali I would not be where I am today. I cannot thank her enough for showing me how loved I am and that I am being guided. Physically feeling grief and pain leaving my body during several healing sessions with her was such a surreal experience and I definitely feel so much lighter, calm and my husband even noticed a shift in me. Natali was so gentle, loving, kind and caring, and I love working with her. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Aimee Kovacevic, Soul Author & Coach at Aimee Nicole

Natali is an amazing coach and healer. She has such a gentle way about her yet gets to the crux of what needs attention and shifting straight away. I’ve found the tools so beneficial and the process a total game changer. Can definitely recommend Natali. She provides the perfect mix of support while instilling a platform for self responsibility at the forefront.

Tarryn Bellingham, Health Coach & Reiki Healer

Who is this for?

  • Join me and our Soul Family of Humans here to co-create the New Earth.
  • This is open to Healers, Coaches, Intuitives, Empaths, Visionaries, Therapists, Creatives, Change Makers, Star Seeds, Channels, Way Showers, Spiritual Warriors, Earth Angels, Brothers and Sisters of The New Earth called to be initiated through the frequency of Sentaura and the Seraphim Diamond Light.
  • This program is for you if you are committed to your growth, evolution, transformation and want to follow your Soul’s calling to do what you came here to do through your divine sacred service to Humanity, Mother Gaia and The Divine.
  • This program is delivered at a level which will have a profound positive impact on you, those around you and our world.
  • I’m here to support your vision and bring you into alignment with your deepest calling and highest purpose.
  • Through the guidance from the Ones I channel, the investment for the program is at a fraction of it’s value because we wanted to make it accessible to all who are called to join us in this sacred container.

Meet Your Mentor & Guide

Natali is a Heart Leader, Spiritual Teacher, Alchemist of Light, Master Healer and Multi-dimensional Channel for the planet guiding us to activate, alchemise, recalibrate and re-code our energy systems and upgrade our bodies to fully step into remembrance as new earth creators and enlightened, sovereign human beings.

Natali created this sacred portal of learning and ascension because she was called by The Divine to serve the greatest good during the ascension and lead humanity en-masse during the Golden Age of Gaia and The Age of Aquarius.

Through her mentoring programs, activations, teachings, community circles, workshops and retreats she serves to heal and release our limitations, trauma, unhelpful patterns and beliefs with an unparalleled depth of integrated wisdom, kindness and compassion.

Natali brings through spiritual guidance, source code initiations, wisdom teachings, alchemy of light and healing frequencies of the Seraphim and Diamond Light Consciousness of Unconditional Love to heal, stabilize and repair Gaia’s Crystalline Light Body as well as activate and initiate Lightworkers, Light Leaders, Wayshowers, Changemakers, Earth Angels and Star Seeds through the powerful frequency of Sentaura, bestowing ancient healing upon and unlocking royal creator codes for those who are called to work with this potent frequency.

Natali also teaches from her own experiences and knows that it’s our most difficult moments of suffering and most challenging and fearful experiences that is the catalyst for our own healing and self mastery, and to rise into the true divine expression of ourselves as enlightened and awakening beings of love and light.

The Time is Now

Are you ready to join this sacred portal of divine activation and ascension?

Step into courage and confidence as you fully express yourself through your gifts, wisdom and magic.

Come play full out and awaken your greatest success through healing, leading and serving with love.

Listen to the call of your heart, the choice is yours.

I invite you to join me now as this sacred portal and divine training will only open once this year.