In today’s episode my guest is the beautiful Georgie Curnow.
We talk about her spiritual journey, what she experienced during her Reiki Ascension Energy Session with me and all things spirituality.
When Georgie came to me as a client, she felt lost, confused and was struggling with depression after the death of her Mum.
Today she is a completely different person, radiant and happy having totally healed her depression in 18 months and has grown into a beautiful healer herself.
Georgie is a wonderful inspiration to show that when you’re ready for change, anything can be healed and anything is possible.
I’m so grateful that I was able to be one of her teachers and mentor to guide her on a path to enlightenment and to have helped her heal and understand her gifts and purpose here on Earth.
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What is Reiki Ascension Energy and Who is it for?

Reiki Ascension Energy Sessions are for Reiki Level 2 Practitioners and Reiki Master Healers

It is essentially an “upgrade” for Healers to raise their vibration and to be able to integrate 5th dimension new earth light code and work with multi-dimensional energy in their healing practice. This is done in addition to the attunements and I’m so grateful to be a channel for this beautiful energy and to be working with Spirit for the highest greatest good of all. 

After your Reiki Ascension Energy Session your vibration will be much higher than before and you’ll be able to channel this higher vibrational energy to assist your clients with their ascension journey and their healing on all levels.

With love and light,

Natali x