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Spirit Talks™ was born from a desire to bring together a conscious community and create opportunities for deeper connection and real conversations.

If you want to go far beyond average and normal and start to step into the infinite possibilities of experiencing the divine life you desire, the life our Creator wishes for us, but few people ever live – then do not miss these Spirit Talks!

Join us live or catch the replays.

A platform for inspiring heart leaders, guardians of the earth and conscious entrepreneurs sharing the spirit of all things, their divine wisdom, revolutionary ideas, inventions, modalities and channelings to bridge the gap between our world and the spiritual world in order to shift the consciousness of humanity.

This has been a soul project of mine in the making for many years and I’m so excited to share this with you. 

I received a directive from The Divine in 2017 during a channeled session, that I would create a foundation for conscious conversations—a platform where we could talk about all things Spiritual and celebrate our human experience.

I believe planting the seeds of truth through our own story telling is intrinsically linked to human evolution and to awaken the hearts and minds of humanity to what is possible.

“It’s by realizing that everything is possible and you are everything that you move beyond your perceptions and limitations”

Natali Brown


New Spirit Talks Topics Coming Soon!


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Episode 19: The Healing Power of Sound

Natali Brown, Brian Berneman, Samantha May, Kristy Rackham, Helane Marie Anderson

Episode 18: Encounters with the Dragon Realms

Natali Brown, Kimberley Jade Pipe, Tejas Engel, Donna-Lee Wynen

Episode 17: Dissolving the illusion of separation and fear

Natali Brown, Craig Acheson

Episode 16: Secrets of the magic of the moon and how it can enhance our lives

Natali Brown, Kady Romagnuolo, Dous Sarah

Episode 15: What humanity needs to know

Natali Brown, Adrienne MacIain, Brian Berneman

Episode 14: Recalibrating to the portal of your heart

Natali Brown, Emma Mathews, Judie Roberts, Olivia Besson

Episode 13: Ways we can move from struggle to thriving in an ever changing world

Natali Brown, Jennifer Glamuzina, Jen Padgett, Veronica Rawlinson, Jo Thompson

Episode 12: Harnessing the power of sacred sexuality

Natali Brown, Alex Normandin, Nadine Keller, Naomi Wild

Episode 11: Awakening transmissions from the other side

Natali Brown, Craig Acheson, Cristalle Anne

Episode 10: Heal by breaking the cycle of bad habits and addiction

Natali Brown, Sam Shelley, Brian Berneman, Glenn Hart

Episode 9: What it means to ignite the adventurous and bold man

Natali Brown, Craig Acheson, Richard Hackney, Dan Abdelnoor, Allan Dahlitz

Episode 8: My experience with breathwork and how it changed my life

Natali Brown, Rach Williams

Episode 7: My Experience with Plants, their Medicine and Voice

Natali Brown, Minette Tonoli, Sharlene Ellis, Devit Amai

Episode 6: Spiritual Trauma and How To Heal It

Natali Brown, Ross J Duncan, Penny Hockings, Rachelle Millar, Maree Eddings

Episode 5: What It Means To Be Human During the Great Awakening

Natali Brown, Mel Garrity, Odelle Wolfenden, Hari Bans Angell Kaur

Episode 4: Lemuria and Atlantis, Remembering Ancient Ways

Natali Brown, Myra Medhurst, Tilly Cat, Gerlinde Hayson

Episode 3: The awakening experience that changed my life – Part 2

Natali Brown, Rach Williams, Allan Dahlitz, Angel Aquarian, Alyse Young

Episode 2: The awakening experience that changed my life – Part 1

Natali Brown, Aveni Cherie, Craig Acheson, Cath Beattie

Episode 1 – 7 July 2022: Reclaiming your power during difficult times

Natali Brown, Georgina Curnow, Kimberley Jade Pipe, Jassie Maude


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