Before I started my journey as a Healer I used to be like a sponge taking on people’s emotions because I was an Empath. I didn’t know it at the time but would feel so tired after a conversation with someone about their relationship or personal life challenges and always felt like I was carrying the weight of everyone’s emotions on my shoulders. As an Empath people are drawn to you naturally – they find it easy to talk to you and to share their stories with you. Empaths have the ability to “take away” negative emotions or make people feel better just by listening and being in their presence.
As Empaths we want to fix people’s problems, we almost feel like we need to suffer along with them so we can help them just feel better. Unfortunately this leaves us drained and taking on energy which doesn’t belong to us – it in turn can manifest into all sorts of issues and ailments.
Empaths make great Healers when they learn how to resist emotions and get out of their own way. When we as Empaths witness and accept what a person is going through from a place of love and empathy, not sympathy, we can let healing energy flow freely, without our our energy and emotions being affected.
When you’ve honed the ability to understand and share the feelings of another without giving away your energy through sympathy, which are feelings of pity and sorrow for someone else’s misfortune, you help them feel empowered to make new choices.
Empaths feel and sense everything around them and this might be because we feel where the need is for healing. When we learn to hold the space for others with love and not try to walk their path for them, we can easily change the direction of the path they are on.
My biggest challenge as a Healer has been to appreciate that everyone has their own path, I can’t fix everything, and that it is not my place to take on their emotions but to rather uplift them and let healing flow where it’s needed. I fully trust in the higher power and life force energy to heal and protect all of us.
As an Empath you can protect your energy by just imaging an invisible shield of white or blue light going up around you. Blue is the colour of Archangel Michael – the Angel of Protection. White light is the space within the universe that houses positive energies. The light is available to all… more easily accessible if you are receptive to its healing and uplifting vibration.
With love and light,
Natali xx