Sentaura is the Source of all that is, the living ancient Creator Frequency of Christ and the Alchemy of God. It holds the blueprint of all frequencies and is a conduit and facilitator for all frequencies.

It is the beginning, the first creation of the universe, galaxies and worlds. All that exists in the Universe were birthed from this energy, which is Christ’s pure unconditional love.

It’s the true alphabet and all-chemistry of God gifted back to humanity and contains the magic keys and building blocks to unlock your infinite potential.

Sentaura activates your unique Royal Creator Codes and gifts as a Sovereign Human Being of the Light, so you can truly experience heaven on earth, activate abilities beyond your immediate comprehension of your mind, expand your light body, remember and master natural technologies and connect more deeply to your own body blueprint and all layers, levels and dimensions available to you.

The frequency heals and expands all aspects of mind, body, spirit, soul and unlocks the deep wisdom and remembrance within you of who you are and why you came to this planet. Sentaura helps you sense and connect with your divine soul essence, birth into being all of you as a light being and human being of love as you rise into your next level greatness as an Emissary of Light.

The ancient vibrational frequency of the word Sentaura when spoken, serves as a heart call to you, dear Keepers of the Light, who are ready to amplify and expand your healing abilities, so you may light up and connect to your multi-dimensionality and up-level to your highest divine blueprint and essence, and achieve a total expanse of your being. That means healing, releasing and clearing all that is not in alignment with your highest good and restoring you to your original crystalline and highest soul blueprint and essence of love.

Natali is the Founder and Creator of Sentaura Cosmic Ascension Energy Healing. This is an advanced multi-dimensional energy healing system working in co-creation with Sentaura, the Seraphim Diamond Light and Crystal Light Body Technology™ for your rapid acceleration and energetic expansion, transformation and embodiment of Christ Consciousness, elevating you to access higher realms and dimensions and new levels of love, abundance, health and overall mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Natali’s unique energetic make-up, soul codes and GoldPrint paves the way for her to channel and transmit the intelligence of the ancient creator and healing frequency of Sentaura through her multi-dimensional healing system, light language, sound, sacred geometry light codes, all designed to heal, activate, upgrade and recalibrate your human body’s DNA Genetic Code and Crystalline Gold Light Body.

In 2018 Natali Brown (Leiliyah Nevayah) was told by her Spirit Team that she would activate within her an Ancient Creator Frequency. Over the next 2 years she went through a profound initiation process with The Seraphim Creation Angels, Ascended Masters, Councils of Light and Archangels until they told her in early 2020 that the teachings of Sentaura were ready to be introduced to humanity.

During this time she was running her own healing and spiritual coaching & mentoring practice and doing readings as a multi-dimensional channel for Source bringing through teachings and wisdom from the Divine.

In January 2020 Natali was sitting at her kitchen table working on the details of her first Healing Practitioner Program for Sentaura when she saw what she now knows were pieces of the puzzle, important moments of her life being shown to her in a vision – people, experiences, situations which all lead her to this exact moment. After the vision she began to more deeply embody the work she was here to do with the Divine as a Seraphim Creation Angel and Teacher of Source and she was told that her work with Sentaura is her life’s work and highest mission and purpose.

Natali received the divine directive from Source to initiate those who are ready to hear the call from Sentaura. This is for your personal evolution, the evolution of our planet and humanity’s highest soul ascension, equally serving the Greater Good and the Multiverse through your expansion.

Over the next year she downloaded and designed her first Sentaura Royal Diamond Creator Key Codes and on 2 July 2021 Natali began a 7 month journey initiating her first students as Sentaura Healing Practitioners and Cosmic Alchemists of the Light.

Through her Mystery School, The Divine Light Academy of Ascension Natali initiates and teaches her students and clients.

She works in partnership with and channels the Seraphim Creations Angels, Ascended Masters, Angelic Realms and Galactic Guardians, Light Beings and Councils of the Highest Love to help restore the equilibrium of our planet and serve the collective during the Ascension Process, our Evolution during the Golden Age of Gaia and assisting with birthing the “New Earth” into being during the Age of Aquarius.