Natali works in partnership with and channels the Seraphim Creations Angels, Angelic Realms and Galactic Guardians, Light Beings and Councils of the Highest Love to help restore the equilibrium of our planet and serve the collective during the Ascension Process, our Evolution into the Golden Age of Gaia and assisting with birthing the “New Earth” into being during the Age of Aquarius.

The Seraphim are benevolent ultra-dimensional and inter-dimensional beings of divine consciousness and pure love who assists in governing the Universe and Galaxies in the Divine Order of universal alignment, unity and flow.

They are known as the highest order of the Angelic Realms are always associated with the glory and holiness of God attending to the throne of God and the Light Source from which all creation is birthed and created.

They only step forward and make themselves known when civilizations reach a certain point of evolution.

The Seraphim now appear to humanity as the highest ascended Teachers in the cosmology mentoring us on how to embody our sovereign divine nature within human form during the Age of Aquarius and the Golden Age of Gaia.

They are here to activate the ancient Royal Creator Codes within humanity and to initiate and ordain beings into their own self mastery and embodiment of their divinity as Creators through the ancient creator energy and healing frequency of Sentaura and The Diamond Light.

The Seraphim awareness is a constant outpouring of divine and unconditional love. A flowing river of the purest essence of source.

They provide pure and focused access to higher consciousness. They are the teachers and way showers of the Ascended Masters and are here to guide and teach you on your path of ascension to experience higher consciousness.

They are responsible for the birthing of new worlds, new species, birthing creations and galaxies since the beginning of time and now assist humanity and those who are ready to fully embody their true divinity and essence, to activate our embodiment as Creators.

The Seraphim remind us that the light of Source are within us and that we are one with creation. We create as Source creates.

The Seraphim are majestic fiery beings, often depicted in scripts as “dragons” with 6 wings radiating powerful light.