Your life purpose is more successfully accomplished during the process of developing and exploring your life’s work.

Your life’s work is what you find great joy in doing, whatever it is i.e. baker, teacher, parent, architect, doctor, mechanic, healer, speaker.

Your life’s purpose is revealed when you realise that you love what you do. First you have to overcome the obstacles and challenges to manifest your life’s work.

It’s that bubbly feeling you get, a huge sense of achievement and happiness when you do what you love.

You feel as if you’re overflowing with gratitude and love for your work. To follow your life’s purpose you should steadfastly follow your joy, irrespective of what the world or others are telling you.

When you do this, you develop qualities such as determination, discernment, resourcefulness, courage, independence, acceptance, joyfulness, compassion, service, humility and leadership.

Pursuing the path of joy towards the unfolding of your life’s work holds the key to developing the soul qualities you came to develop in this lifetime.

When you release your judgements about what is right or wrong, you give your soul the opportunity to express itself more fully through you.

When you pursue your life’s work with passion and joy, you automatically align your yourself with your highest purpose.

You feel lighter as you shed any resistance and step fully into the person who expresses more compassion, more love. More and more people will be drawn to you as you are a beacon of light and you will be able to share with them the secret of happiness.

The greater purpose for each of us here on earth is to live a life of joy. Do what feels good, follow your heart and honour your feelings.

With love and light,