Hi, I’m Natali Brown

Whatever your dreams or obstacles are in life, it is never too late to make a change.

The choice is yours, happiness, success, finding your passion is only one step away …

I’m here to support your healing journey, guide you to step into your personal space of confidence and inspire you to be the best version of you.

Hi, I’m Natali Brown

Whatever your dreams or obstacles are in life, it is never too late to make a change.

The choice is yours, happiness, success, finding your passion is only one step away …

I’m here to support your healing journey, guide you to step into your personal space of confidence and inspire you to be the best version of you.

Natali is a Heart Leader, Spiritual Wellbeing Mentor & Teacher, Alchemist of Light, Master Healer and Multi-dimensional Channel for the planet guiding us to activate, alchemise, recalibrate and re-code our energy systems and upgrade our bodies to fully step into remembrance as new earth creators and enlightened, sovereign human beings.

Natali was called by The Divine to serve the greatest good during the ascension and lead humanity en-masse during the Golden Age of Gaia and The Age of Aquarius.

Through her mentoring programs, activations, teachings, community circles, workshops and retreats she serves to heal and release our limitations, trauma, unhelpful patterns and beliefs with an unparalleled depth of integrated wisdom, kindness and compassion.

Natali brings through spiritual guidance, source code initiations, wisdom teachings, alchemy of light and healing frequencies of the Seraphim and Diamond Light Consciousness of Unconditional Love to heal, stabilize and repair Gaia’s Crystalline Light Body as well as activate and initiate Lightworkers, Light Leaders, Wayshowers, Changemakers, Earth Angels and Star Seeds through the powerful frequency of Sentaura, bestowing ancient healing upon and unlocking royal creator codes for those who are called to work with this potent frequency.

She uses her incredible intuition and connection with Spirit to guide and teach conscious, heart centered leaders and light workers how to be courageous, confident, empowered and to lead and serve with love.

Through her online programs, spiritual mentoring, energy healing workshops, blogs, the Soul Searcher podcast and retreats she helps you to heal and transform your life. She guides you to realise your potential, activate and understand your Soul gifts and teaches you how to be free from limiting beliefs and obstacles which is stopping you from being all you can be.
Natali is a certified Transformational Life Coach, Reiki Master Healer and Teacher, a PureBioenergy Healing Therapist (Level 1) and NLP Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming). She loves teaching people how to embody the feminine at her Soul Dance classes and loves teaching meditation.

She teaches from her own experiences and knows that it’s our most difficult moments of suffering and most challenging and fearful experiences that is the catalyst for our own healing and self mastery, and to rise into the true divine expression of ourselves as enlightened and awakening beings of love and light.

Working with you personally

Natali teaches and demonstrates how positivity, determination and self love can lead to profound personal mastery. She is passionate about empowering you to overcome self limiting beliefs, obstacles, habits and patterns and helps you to remove the things in your way, to live in alignment with your true self and have a happy and fulfilled life.

She believes that when you bring positive words, positive thinking and positive actions into your life, work and business this will have a profound impact on who you are, what you want to do and why you want to do it.

With her friendly, no-nonsense approach she makes her clients feel at ease from the minute you meet her and works with leaders and light workers from all over the world. With love and guidance she steers you onto your true path, to embrace your powerful self and to step into your true purpose.

Working with spiritual leaders, mind-body healers and light workers

Natali inspires and empowers light workers, leading spiritual teachers and mind-body healers to shine their light on their healing work and share their message with confidence. She is passionate about teaching Reiki and to share the gift of Reiki with the world.

Working with entrepreneurs and businesses in a holistic way

Natali inspires and motivates start-ups, professionals and businesses to bring mindfulness into their work environment leading to greater success for businesses and personal mastery for employees.She knows first hand the importance of how having employees who feel happy, secure and valued can directly influence and make a difference to a company’s culture and performance.

My Story

My journey with healing started from a young age – my lovely Gran was the first spark to igniting my healing potential.

I used to be aware of spirit around me however, back then I was too young to really understand what it all meant.

I was always a dreamer and had this feeling that there was more to life than what the eye could see. I had an innate and strong sense of purpose, being truly passionate about life, spending plenty of time in nature and having a desire to help people feel better and happier about who they are.

I’m a mother of two gorgeous boys who challenge me and teach me – believe me, life is never boring in our house! And I have a wonderful loving and supportive husband who puts up with my passion for life. I’m an entrepreneur, intuitive healer and full blown creative at heart who also loves painting and teaching intuitive art, writing and one of my big loves is photography as it brings me closer to the many faces of nature.

“Natali helps bring calm to your storm so you can step into a space of peace, clarity and confidence.”

I believe that each and every one of us can make a difference …. if you bring everything to the table, your unique set of gifts, your sense of humour, your personality, your passion and love you can change the world.

The whole point of being alive is to evolve into the complete person you are meant to be. To feel loved, to be valued, to be free of anything which might be holding you back from being that person.

My true purpose is to help you discover the magic within you, to peel back the layers and reveal the real you, to guide you through and help you break through your fears, heal past hurts, to help remove that which is holding you back so you can rise like a phoenix and step into your true purpose. There is nothing more empowering than to discover yourself and push through obstacles. It brings a sense of freedom and joy.

I feel totally blessed to have helped so many Mums, Dads, Children, Professional People around the world to step into their light.

It makes me so happy to see someone’s face light up as they realise they are free from pain or emotional resistance because what the universe has intended for them goes far beyond anything we can imagine.

I know that it is all too easy to put things off and hope for a better tomorrow, to use all the excuses you can think of, to think that one day you’ll wake up and somehow your life would have sorted itself out without you having to take responsibility for it.

My biggest learning so far is that ‘I am responsible for my own life, only I can change it’ and although that can be scary, the changes resulting from knowing, accepting and growing with this are so rewarding.

So I keep learning, keep meeting wonderful people who want to make a change in their life, and continue to help people feel better and give them the tools to find their true purpose in life.

I share my experience and wisdom to help you – you still get to choose what works for you, I just give you a different perspective on things.