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Natali is the Founder of Sentaura® Cosmic Ascension Energy Healing. She does 1on1 in person healing at her home clinic in Silverdale, Auckland or online healing sessions via Zoom or Skype all over the world. She runs healing workshops and retreats for those who feel drawn to experience the loving and healing frequency of Sentaura.

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“Natali’s wisdom and guidance enabled me to reach and heal aspects of myself that I’ve either not been able to see clearly myself, or have been unable to heal on my own, even with repeated efforts. The Sentaura healing sessions are truly magical, very powerful and held in a container deep love and safety that fosters profound transformation. Each Sentaura session I’ve had with Natali has served to bring me more directly to myself, to my ultimate truth, and to a state of freedom and ease within my body – and in doing so touch every aspect of my life in a positive way, including my work and my primary relationships. I absolutely recommend working with Natali – I have an I will continue to do so because of the positive experiences I’ve had with Natali and the beneficial impacts she has had on my life.”

Steve Bell – Shaman and Spiritual Councillor

What is Sentaura Healing?

Sentaura® weaves source intelligence with healing alchemy and works alongside the Seraphim Diamond Light and Crystal Light Body Technology as an advanced energy healing system to pin point specific parts of your body for healing, enhancement, elevation, alignment, activation and unlocking of your human DNA Genetic GoldPrint and Crystalline Gold Light Body.

That means healing, releasing and clearing all that is not in alignment with your highest good and restoring you to your original crystalline blueprint and essence of love as a sovereign being of light.

Sentaura feels like a warm golden energy streaming into you body and is pure unconditional love.

What to expect during a Sentaura Energy Healing session?

All sessions may include as guided ‐ healing all multi-dimensional aspects and versions of yourself, upgrading of your human DNA profile, chakra and auric field clearing, enhancement of your mental/emotional state, energetic body reharmonization, clearing of ancestral pain and trauma, re‐setting of your body’s bio‐rhythms, releasing of old beliefs, patterns and stuck energy from traumatic experiences in this lifetime and in past lives which often manifest as physical symptoms in the body, removal of karmic debris and cords, and ending of soul contracts if it is for your highest good. 

You will heal and expand into your most beautiful self

Experience the healing frequency of Sentaura working on a multi-dimensional level to help you release what’s no longer for your highest good and shift you into the best version of you in alignment with your evolution and ascension path, whilst experiencing rapid transformation on so many levels of your life.

During the session micro shifts happen to bring you back into alignment with your soul energy so you can operate from your highest self, feeling fully worthy to create and receive a life you absolutely love.

You’ll embody your higher soul self, feel your guides and The Seraphim surround you whilst they amplify the pure source energy within you.

During the healing session, heal the pain and emotional body, releasing deep seated outdated programs and patterns, karmic debris and attachments, unconscious commitments and energies this life or past lives.

You’ll restore energetic balance within the body as a whole.

Pure Source Energy from the highest light and love flows into your body and goes where it’s needed and activates your light body, amplifies the source light within you and works to balance your mental, emotional, physical and energetic body (merkaba ascension vehicle, chakras, subtle bodies and auric field).

This is a beautiful multi-dimensional healing experience which will leave you feeling clearer, more peaceful, lighter with renewed energy for whatever life throws your way.

Throughout the session you’ll be guided by Natali.

“Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the epic work you are doing with the Sentaura energy.  My session was magical and so powerful.  The experience was quite different to anything I’ve felt before during a healing.  There were many layers both in the physical and beyond and you guided me through all of it with grace and ease.  So many beautiful and impactful messages came through and I experienced healing of some old patterns that were very deeply ingrained in me.  Following the session I felt a noticeable difference in my energy and my ability to connect in.  Thank you Natali Brown for bringing this beautiful gift to the world.  You are truly an angel and I’m so grateful for the work you do”

Rebecca O’Neil, Yoga Teacher and Healer
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What Happens During Healing Sessions

The Sentaura Frequency and The Seraphim are here to help humanity’s ascension, evolution and that of our beautiful planet. The Sentaura rapidly transforms and alchemises dense energy in your body to light, and creates more space for you to embody higher frequencies of love and abundance. You’ll feel more clear, energised and inspired to heal yourself and create a life you love after receiving a Sentaura Healing Session.

During Sentaura healing sessions I channel Soul Speak (light language), Soul Song (Toning and Singing), Soul Sign (Signing, Drawing or Writing Sacred Geometry, Code and Symbols) integrating higher vibration healing frequencies guided by my Higher Self and Beings of the Highest Light including The Seraphim, Councils of Light, Ascended Masters, Angelic Realms and various other cosmic beings of light assisting with your healing and ascension path.

  • Sentaura unlocks your ability to master the self.
  • Past dysfunctional patterns are dissolved in the energetic body, creating space and openness to bring in new codes of freedom, love and abundance. This can assist and support your body to heal itself physically and emotionally.
  • Heals through the multi-dimensional energetic layers of all subtle bodies and of the pain body to dissolve fear codes and programming from your lineage and human experience. It is alchemised into golden energy of creativity and possibility – you begin to radiate the energy of who you truly are.  
  • Enhances your mental/emotional state to clear anxiety, frustration, stuckness and depression which leaves you more joyful and clear of mind.
  • Restores balance within the body as a whole.
  • Upgrades your Human DNA at cellular and microparticle level to your Golden Crystalline DNA Profile in alignment with new earth energies. Sentaura works to establish and lock into place your 5D blueprint and aid the transition to your 12D goldprint.
  • Sentaura amplifies vitality and rejuvenation of the physical body, including re-setting your bio-rhythms in alignment with the natural rhythms of nature creating a state of balance for optimal function.
  • Removes karmic cords and debris not for your highest good.
  • Completes soul contracts and attachments. Works to call back all parts of the Soul.
  • Unlocks your Highest Soul Blueprint, activates your Merkaba and Quantum Rings of Velocity when necessary.
  • Clears your chakras and auric field of lower density energetic debris and blocks.
  • Re-connects your column of light to the Unified Field of Higher Consciousness and Pure Stream of Unconditional Love to become a pure channel for higher intelligence and light codes to be anchored into the Earth.
  • Enables you to receive channelled information from your Akashic Records to assist you in clearing past lives and multi-dimensional records.
  • Connects you to your highest timeline, guides and information available for your ascension.
  • Connects you through your celestial gateways with monadic wisdom and innate universal wisdom within you.
  • Activates and amplifies the energy of your diamond light body template and expand your capacity to hold higher frequencies of light.
  • Unlocks and activates dormant or new codes and latent soul gifts ready to come through you.
  • The frequency of Sentaura works to empower you and raise your frequency on all levels, so you remember who you are as a sovereign being of light and love.
  • You’ll feel more clear, energised and inspired to create a life you love after receiving a Sentaura Healing Session.

“Natali is an amazing woman to work with. I’ve had a powerful healing session with her, experiencing Sentaura healing for the first time. After that, things in my body shifted and it’s like an immense burden had been removed from my shoulders. My body literally felt lighter and my mind clearer. It was amazing to hear her feedback and insights from the session. I also had the pleasure to train with her previously to learn Reiki. She brings in powerful energy and her own special touch, which makes her style of healing and training totally unique. I’ll recommend her to anyone who wants to receive a healing session or develop their natural abilities and make a big step forward in their life.”

Laura Kaliope Luet, Healer and Coach
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Book a Sentaura® Cosmic Ascension Energy Healing Session

Photography by Jessica Burton Turnwald

“My Sentaura healing session with Natali was just incredible! I had no idea what to expect but was open to trusting the process. Natali went through different areas of my physical and energetic body and was able to pick up issues that were spot on. She picked up some stuff going on with my kidneys and that my pH levels were out of balance, she picked up my body was very acidic and if left unresolved it could develop into kidney stones. The interesting thing is that I have kidney stones all through my mother’s side of the family and Natali didn’t know this beforehand and was spot on about it all. She was guided by spirit specifically to recommend some greens to eat which would assist with balancing my pH levels. I have got straight onto this since our session. I measured my urine pH levels which indeed were very acidic and have been having daily lemon juice in warm water and I made sure I have salads every day with lots of greens including arugula (rocket) and kale as recommended. And only a few weeks in and my pH levels are back to alkaline. Natali’s advice has given me even more incentive to make sure I’m looking after these areas of health. Natali used light language and different frequencies transmitted through Sentaura to initiate healing which I found incredibly powerful! I had been holding trauma in a certain area at the base of my skull for many years after the death of my brother and have suffered headaches ever since. I could feel it mostly release as we were moving through the Sentaura healing and feel much more peaceful. Natali connected with my brother in Spirit and he told me to let go of the burden I was carrying around his passing and he came through to also do some healing on me, which I could absolutely feel. Some of my other loved ones in spirit showed up, family members I would never have expected. I received clarity and insight into a specific issue I am going through which has taken so much stress and anxiety away from me. Natali showed me exactly how this particular situation has been designed for my evolution and the other person’s. Plus, she told me all my family in spirit are all working behind the scenes to help with the best outcome which gave me huge relief and it is so nice to know that I have help with this. Natali was shown I have a sister in spirit and this was possibly from a miscarriage my mother had. I later asked mum and she did have a miscarriage at around 8 weeks from before I was born so it would be an older sister and it was so lovely to know she has been by my side my whole life. Natali certainly has a powerful gift to be able to channel the healing frequency of Sentaura and to connect with and channel spirit. She has such a beautiful healing, nurturing, gentle, kind energy herself and just being in her presence is a gift. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Natali ”

Kirsty Bednar, Naturopath

“I had two energy healing sessions with Natali and I cannot thank her enough for showing me how loved I am and that I am being guided. Physically feeling grief and pain leaving my body was such a surreal experience and I definitely feel so much lighter, calm and my husband event noticed a shift in me. Natali was so gentle, loving, kind and caring, and I love working with her. Thank you from the bottom of my heart”

Aimee Kovacevic, Auckland
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