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Let me help you transform and expand

Let me guide you to cleanse and release deep seated programs, trauma, karmic cords and attachments, unconscious commitments and energies no longer serving you.

I will show you how to shift into alignment with your higher self, your soul purpose and to fully step into receiving and creating a life you absolutely love.

You will activate dormant energies within your physical and energy body and integrate creative cosmic ascension energy and raise your vibrational frequency to live a happier, more balanced life.

This is sacred work, a deep understanding, remembrance of who you are and embodying and activating you on a whole new multi-dimensional level to tap into your divine essence and to return to wholeness.

What is Sentaura Cosmic Healing Energy?

The SenTaura (SEN-TEE-AURA) Frequency, the highest frequency of love and light and the ancient Creator Source Energy that’s been around since the first creation of the universe, galaxies and worlds is now re-introduced by the Seraphim during this time, working in co-creation with the Diamond Light Frequency and Crystal Light Technology as an advanced and multi-dimensional energy healing system and creator energy consisting pure source codes of the highest light and love. It has been waiting for this exact time in human evolution to return.

The ancient vibrational frequency of the word Sen-Tee-Aura when spoken in this way, serves as a call to those who are ready to ascend, to activate, light up and connect them across realms and dimensions on a multi-dimensional level to their highest divine essence so they can achieve a total expanse of their being.

It’s a call to remember who you are, sense and connect with your divine soul essence, birth into being the new you and rise as an Emissary of Light.

Natali is here as a Seraphim Angel and Seraphim Teacher of the Highest Source Light. She is the Founder of the New SenTaura Cosmic Ascension Healing System, a multi-dimensional channel for the SenTaura Frequency and Diamond Rays of the Seraphim Creation Angels. She also channels teachings of the new Crystal Light Body Technology.

Natali works in partnership with the Seraphim Order, Angelic Realms and Galactic Light Beings and Councils of the Highest Love to help restore the equilibrium of our planet and serve the collective during the Ascension Process, our Evolution into the Golden Age of Gaia and assisting with birthing the “New Earth” into being during the Age of Aquarius.

As an Alchemist of Light and conduit Natali is here to transmit the ancient creator and healing frequency of SenTaura and Seraphim Diamond Light through words, sounds, frequencies of new creation designed to activate and upgrade more of our human DNA genetic code and Crystalline Light Bodies.

The SenTaura Frequency works on multi-dimensional levels and is designed to activate your infinite potential and highest soul codes and gifts as a Sovereign Creator, thereby elevating you to your highest soul ascension and assisting humanity to release suffering, dis-ease, pain and separation in this world.

The Seraphim created and taught a cosmology of initiations and creator codes thousands of years ago in healing schools, initiating masters and teachers to their full divine embodiment and mastery as creators.

Natali’s channel teachings from the Seraphim and the Divine to educate humanity about what is possible for us all in the New Earth. Natali connects you with your personal guides and transmits messages and gifts from the Seraphim and the Collective of Light.

The SenTaura Frequency works to call back and re-integrate all fragments of your Soul. It also aids to free your Soul from the constructs of the matrix, activating dormant creator codes in your energy system and DNA with each initiation, bringing forth your gifts and super powers plus a deep remembrance of your Soul blueprint and reclamation of your infinite wisdom and divine love as an embodied being of Source light.

The powerful divine essence of SenTaura and high vibrating waves of love that flows from The Seraphim instantly dissolve the structures of control and of your ego therefore healing separation and returning our planet to unity consciousness and unconditional love – stripping reality of all that is untrue and revealing the pure essence of God within us all.

It’s impossible to be separate from love, you are LOVE, you are sacred, you are divine and holy! Trust, breathe and receive the light. Remember, it is safe to transform back to your purest God given essence.

What Happens During Healing Sessions

Sentaura is here to help humanity’s ascension, evolution and that of our beautiful planet. It rapidly transforms and alchemises dense energy in your body to light, and creates more space for you to embody higher frequencies of love and abundance. You’ll feel more clear, energised and inspired to heal yourself and create a life you love after receiving a Sentaura Healing Session.

During sessions I channel Soul Speak (known as light language), Soul Song (Toning and Singing), Soul Sign (Signing, Drawing or Writing Sacred Geometry and Symbols) and Soul Move (Integrating higher vibration healing frequencies through gentle movement).

This beautiful ancient cosmic creator energy has been around since the creation of worlds and is necessary for humanity and planet earth to ascend to higher dimensions.

During a healing session I connect with my Higher Self and my Spirit Team to channel this beautiful cosmic healing energy to:

  • Expand your energetic capacity to hold higher frequencies of light.
  • Open and expand your Spiritual and Psychic gifts.
  • Activate your Merkaba star (Ascension Vehicle).
  • Unlock your light body creator codes and upgrade your DNA.
  • Clear your energy centers, alchemise dense negative energy in your body and energy system, clearing old programs, karmic debris, trauma, releasing you from cords, hooks and attachments.
  • Raise your energy vibration and frequency to receive multi-dimensional energy upgrades from the Universe.

How It All Began

In 2018 I was told by Spirit of the activation of an ancient energy within me. When the activation happened in 2019 I was completely blown away and felt the energy increase the more I used it. I couldn’t wait to learn more but had to be patient as I was told by my Spirit Team that it wasn’t quite ready to be revealed yet. I initially did healing on myself, played with the energy and then moved onto healing my family. I could see and feel rapid and incredible positive shifts happen for myself and them.

I can clearly remember the day when Spirit showed me the loving and transformative power of Sentaura. It was during a a women’s retreat I was co-facilitating with a couple of Soul Sisters at Soulscape in Raglan in 2019. I could feel the frequency and energy increase exponentially during the day and I was shown by my Spirit Team what to do during the evening workshop that night. After a breathwork session my whole body was vibrating and my Spirit Team said “It’s time”. We gathered in circle and held each other in nurturing embrace whilst women were invited to step forward to receive healing. What happened through each of those healing sessions were so sacred as we felt unconditional love pouring over us. It was the most beautiful and powerful thing I have ever felt. One women had struggled with pain in her leg for ages and was healed when she walked away from the circle. Others transmuted deep pain as they were gently held by the Sister circle and the loving, healing frequency of Sentaura and supported by our Guides. During the past few years I did the inner work and went through an incredible rebirthing process at the end of 2020 to upgrade, stabilize and to be able to channel the love and light of Sentaura and The Diamond Light of Seraphim Creation Angels.

During a Soul Journey to Remembrance workshop in 2020 at Soul Fest on The Coast, festival attendees experienced the loving energy of Sentaura channeled through me and the amount of pure unconditional love and healing energy we all experienced that day was simply out of this world.

Over the past year I’ve healed friends and my clients and am so incredibly grateful to be sharing this energy with this world.

Photography by Jessica Burton Turnwald

“Natali is an amazing woman to work with. I’ve had a powerful healing session with her, experiencing Sentaura healing for the first time. After that, things in my body shifted and it’s like an immense burden had been removed from my shoulders. My body literally felt lighter and my mind clearer. It was amazing to hear her feedback and insights from the session. I also had the pleasure to train with her previously to learn Reiki. She brings in powerful energy and her own special touch, which makes her style of healing and training totally unique. I’ll recommend her to anyone who wants to receive a healing session or develop their natural abilities and make a big step forward in their life.”

Laura Kaliope Luet, Healer and Coach
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Who are the Seraphim?

  • The Seraphim are benevolent ultra-dimensional and inter-dimensional beings of divine consciousness and pure love who assists in governing the Universe and Galaxies in the Divine Order of universal alignment, unity and flow.
  • The Seraphim known as the highest order of the Angelic Realms are always associated with the glory and holiness of God attending to the throne of God and the Light Source from which all creation is birthed and created.
  • The Seraphim only step forward and make themselves known when civilizations reach a certain point of evolution.
  • The Seraphim now appear to humanity as the highest ascended Teachers in the cosmology mentoring us on how to embody our sovereign divine nature within human form during the Age of Aquarius and the Golden Age of Gaia.
  • They are here to activate the ancient Royal Creator Codes within humanity and to initiate and ordain beings into their own self mastery and embodiment of their divinity as Creators through the ancient creator energy and healing frequency of Sentaura and The Diamond Light.
  • The Seraphim awareness is a constant outpouring of divine and unconditional love. A flowing river of the purest essence of source.
  • The Seraphim provide pure and focused access to higher consciousness. They are the teachers and way showers of the Ascended Masters and are here to guide and teach you on your path of ascension to experience higher consciousness.
  • They are responsible for the birthing of new worlds, new species, birthing creations and galaxies since the beginning of time and now assist humanity and those who are ready to fully embody their true divinity and essence, to activate our embodiment as Creators.
  • The Seraphim remind us that the light of Source are within us and that we are one with creation. We create as Source creates.
  • The Seraphim through guidance of God Source Energy, are the original creators of the divine human species genetically designed with the potential, to evolve into embodied Christ Consciousness.
  • The Seraphim are majestic fiery beings, often depicted in scripts as “dragons” with 6 wings radiating powerful light.

“I had two energy healing sessions with Natali and I cannot thank her enough for showing me how loved I am and that I am being guided. Physically feeling grief and pain leaving my body was such a surreal experience and I definitely feel so much lighter, calm and my husband event noticed a shift in me. Natali was so gentle, loving, kind and caring, and I love working with her. Thank you from the bottom of my heart”

Aimee Kovacevic, Auckland
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