Cosmic Ascension Energy

Let me help you transform and expand beyond your physical reality.

Let me guide you to cleanse and release deep seated programs, trauma, karmic cords and attachments, unconscious commitments and energies no longer serving you.

I will show you how to shift into alignment with your higher self, your soul purpose and to fully step into receiving and creating a life you absolutely love.

You will activate dormant energies within your physical and energy body and integrate creative cosmic ascension energy and raise your vibrational frequency to live a happier, more balanced life.

This is sacred work, a deep understanding, remembrance of who you are and embodying and activating you on a whole new multi-dimensional level to tap into your divine essence and to return to wholeness.

What is New Cosmic Ascension Energy?

In early 2019 with the help of my Spirit team I activated within me and started channeling a new cosmic ascension energy and ancestral light language which uses tones and higher vibrational frequencies to help activate your Merkaba star, light body codes and energy centres and to transmute and release denser negative energy in the human body and energy system, clearing old programs, karmic debris, trauma, releasing you from cords, hooks or attachments and it helps you raise your vibrational frequency to receive multi-dimensional upgrades and energies as part of the new earth ascension energy wave which has been coming down from the Universe.

Spirit confirmed that this ancient cosmic energy has been around since the creation of worlds and is necessary for humanity and planet earth to ascend to higher dimensions.

“I had two energy healing sessions with Natali and I cannot thank her enough for showing me how loved I am and that I am being guided. Physically feeling grief and pain leaving my body was such a surreal experience and I definitely feel so much lighter, calm and my husband event noticed a shift in me. Natali was so gentle, loving, kind and caring, and I love working with her. Thank you from the bottom of my heart”

Aimee Kovacevic, Auckland
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What is an ascension energy healing session?

An Ascension Energy Healing session is a beautiful treatment which enhances the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

During the session I channel cosmic ascension energy and light code into your body and energy flows where it’s needed and heals on all levels which includes but is not limited to the mind, physical body and energy system (chakras, subtle bodies and aura on multi-dimensional levels).

Ascension Healing Energy is absorbed by your cells, tissues and organs and opens portals in your light body.

It also brings clarity and balance to the mind, kick-starting healing in all parts of you including your emotions, spiritual essence and re-balancing your aura.

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What is an ascension energy activation and integration session?

An Ascension Energy Activation helps to re-balance your Merkaba star and activates dormant codes and DNA in your body, releasing and clearing old programs, karmic debris, trauma or attachments and restores energetic balance within the body as a whole.

As a modern alchemist of light I channel this high vibe creative cosmic energy and light language which has been around since the creation of worlds, gifted to me by Spirit. It helps you integrate multi-dimensional energies, activating your Merkaba so it’s constantly spinning and balancing your energetic power and rewires your energy system and de-clutters and cleanses any low vibrational energies.

A balanced Merkaba gives you the ultimate creation power. In simple words, your Merkaba is the tool to create the life you want.

During this session micro shifts happen to bring you back into alignment with your soul energy so you can operate from your highest self, feeling fully worthy to create and receive a life you absolutely love.

Energy flows into your body and goes where it’s needed and activates your light body on all levels which includes but is not limited to the mind, physical body and energy system (chakras, subtle bodies and aura on multi-dimensional levels).

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