Quantum leap into your new reality!

Soul Mentoring with me is an incredibly unique multi-dimensional and powerful process where I provide you with deeper insights into what makes you truly you. I work with high frequency beings and your Higher Self as a channel for the Divine in order to help you uncover your highest soul mission, activate your soul mission codes and align you to your true potential. During this transformational journey and high frequency work we illuminate aspects of you to help you uncover what you truly want to uplevel in life, so you may step into deeper connection, courage, embodied self expression of your highest soul mission and mastery of your most beautiful self.

I work with Women who are ready for change, who want to lead and serve with love, who are courageous and yet sensitive, intuitive, kind, passionate and excited to live extraordinary lives. They know they are here to do something incredible, shine their light and share their unique voice.

I work with Women who are ready for change, who want to lead and serve with love, who are courageous and yet sensitive, intuitive, kind, passionate and excited to live extraordinary lives. They know they are here to do something incredible, shine their light and share their unique voice.

What my clients say

“I had a POWERFUL activation session with Natali, and WOW…. Right away, she was able to hone in on an issue that’s been weighing heavy in my heart. The insight she provided illuminated what’s happening from a cosmic perspective, which eased me out of the anxiety I was experiencing. As we went into the activation portion, I was instantly able to visualize so clearly what she was describing. I felt waves of energy pulsating throughout my body, and I could literally feel the resistance and blockages I’ve been struggling with dissolve. The way she held space with such grace, wisdom, and presence helped me relax and feel safe. I was so impressed with how spot on she was, and even the cards pulled were exactly what I needed to hear. The difference I feel now from the beginning of the session is night and day. I feel so much more grounded, peaceful, and connected to my truth and voice. I feel completely lit up, turned on, and empowered to OWN myself and my work!”

Michelle Yasmin Smith
Embodiment Priestess, Channel, Activator, Healer

“Natali is a delightful soul and a clear channel of truth and light. Natali shares her wisdom with power and potency. She holds space that allows time for transformation and she is truly a master, a creatrix of this new earth. During the time working with her I can honestly say that my psychic senses have expanded and I am able to continue the practices post training to stay on this expansion journey. To get the most out of working with Natali you really just need to dive in and unleash yourself. That’s what I did… and WOW, how liberating! Natali helped me discover and embrace my gifts with such freedom to explore, instead of hiding behind fear and doubt. My passion for the chakras and working with heart energy was confirmed through this training. It has been a blessing to discover light language hand gestures and to be able to know this is one of my gifts of healing being expressed through movement. I have more confidence and clarity now and it is rather empowering to trust myself. Natali holds you accountable which drew me out of my comfort zone and elevated my understanding of my own awesomeness and capabilities. I love learning with Natali, as I’m always learning something new, get more than I expected and leave feeling activated and elevated with the highest frequencies of love and light. Thank you for what you do, you are inspirational and I adore all that you are. My soul truly honours your soul.”

Samantha Ford
Healer, Heart Activator and Yoga Teacher

What would it look like when you work with me?

Working with a Coach and Mentor is an investment in yourself and your future.

When you say YES! to your life and success – from that moment on we are in this together

My coaching style is unique, I have an intuitive style of coaching, am a Spiritual Teacher, Channel and combine this with powerful healing and energy work. I am deeply committed to work with you on the practical, mental and energetic level and together we dive deep into the underlying emotional and energetic levels which might contribute to your habits, limiting beliefs, challenges and dreams.

Experience life changing activations and ascension energy integrations.

Open up and awaken to the essence of you and your deepest level of truth.

Align with your deepest soul purpose and return to loving yourself and loving life …. unconditionally.

Discover your inner wisdom and activate hidden gifts and imprints in your body and energy system.

Activate dormant light codes and remember the infinite possibilities within you.

Release and clear hidden blocks held within your body and raise your vibration to receive more abundance in every way.

Experience your capacity to create abundance, ease and flow and whatever you desire… effortlessly.

Are you ready?

Together we find what makes you you and reveal your Spiritual gifts and all that you are on a whole different level.

We work energetically to bring more flow and ease to manifesting your dreams and desires.

Allow me to guide you if you’re a Spiritual Newbie and just discovering your gifts or if you want to expand on your Spiritual path as a Healer, Medium, Channel, Activator, Alchemist, StarSeed or Light Leader.

Together we discover what your Soul wants you to know, help you integrate multi-dimensional ascension energies and bring you into alignment with your higher self, we discover your purpose and how you can bring it all together.

And by the end of our journey, you’ll be transformed.

You’ll feel more confident, courageous, self-loving and ready to lead and serve with love and for whatever life throws your way.

Are you ready?

What my clients say

“Working with Natali gave me reassurance, clarity, confidence, insight, motivation and a lovely spirit guide to work with. Her program helped me gain knowledge and an understanding that I wouldn’t have had otherwise and a sense of inner peace. It was such a great time for me to do the work and I loved it.”

Helen Bartrom, Auckland
New Zealand

“Natali is amazing, she will change your world for the better without a doubt; in a relaxed, gentle, calm and enlightened manner. If right now reading this you have an excited gut feeling, go with it, you won’t regret it! Natali’s programs are for you if you want to meet the real inner you, get to your soul essence, understand what you’re all about and have many questions or wonderings you would like answered. If you need some direction or a sense of purpose in life. If you’ve just found out you’re an Empath or a light worker or if you’ve always thought you are different but don’t know why, then I really highly recommend Natali’s coaching sessions.”

Georgie, Auckland
New Zealand

Live life by your Soul’s design

Being a Coach and Spiritual Mentor is about supporting you to make meaningful change in your life (mind, body, spirit) and business and to move you from surviving to thriving.

Together we work on the kind of change which inspires you to follow your dream career path, to improve your health and wellbeing, to feel more connected in your relationshipsrelease your fears and embrace your creativityspirituality and connect with your highest self, to improve your self confidence and self love, and to become the person you most want to be.

It is beautiful and life affirming work and I absolutely love what I do. I am here to guide you on your journey of transformation, coach you to create freedom, abundance, happiness and success for yourself in life and business and to help you heal and let go of that which is blocking you and to help you lead and serve so you can help others on their journey of transformation.

Are you ready to take that leap?

You know deep within that change is a good thing, that you want change

You might be doubting yourself, perhaps even judging

Not finishing things, not really moving forward, not knowing where to start

You know you have a calling within and want to do something magic with your life

But you feel scattered, lack focus and sense something needs to shift so you can feel free to pursue your dreams and go all in.

You might overthink things too much, question yourself too much, over analyse everything.

What you really need right now is to kick the inner critic to the side and clear out the noise so you can find your truth.

You might not know where to start, or perhaps you don’t want to do this on your own, having support from a coach & Spiritual mentor who gets it, who has been there and who can show you the way would make ALL the difference.

What my clients say

“When I was as low as I could get and wondering what the heck was going on, you turned on the light! Everything that I have ever wondered, hoped or longed for to be true you confirmed for me. As a Coach you helped me open my eyes to what I am truly capable of and my life purpose. You’ve shown me how to love myself, that I am worthy and as important as everyone else I love, to feel joy and passion again. To enjoy life again. You showed me how to unblock all my self limiting blocks and to follow my Soul’s yearnings and curiosities. To be open to learning and tune into my intuition. To shine my light and to not be afraid …. just to name a few.”

Georgina Curnow, Auckland
New Zealand

“Natali’s coaching program has been really good for me. I feel like I have now moved forward in life exponentially and it’s evident in how different I feel day to day. I have so much more awareness around what stresses me out but now I can easily take over and be there for myself. The biggest thing I learned from Natali is that only I can make a difference in my life. That strong and loving part of me is awake now and the stressed and overwhelmed part is much quieter. I would highly recommend working with Natali.”

Emma Louise, Auckland
New Zealand


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Are you a soulful entrepreneur and woman who is ready to stop dreaming and to start doing?

Ready To Work With Me

Are you ready to discover how to use your gifts and skills to make a difference to this world?

It’s your time to shine

Do you hear yourself saying: “I’m just not good enough, I’m scared, I don’t know what to do, I’m so tired of feeling this way” ……I’ve been there!

I’ve learned how to silence the inner critic, find my authentic self, build a successful spiritual business and embrace all of me, the good, the negative and the quirkiness and would love to show you how you can do exactly that.

I’m here to support you on your journey of discovery, healing and transformation, to heal that which is no longer good for you, to guide and coach you through life adjustments and challenges so you can reach your life goals as the best version of you.

It’s time to let your light shine because if you linger in the cosy, safe, comforting corner for too long, you miss out on so much abundance and joy in your life.

Once you see each situation and accept that it’s all part of your journey and life lessons, you will be able to move on, embrace your powerful self and become a force in your own right.

Through coaching and accountability you can reach the successes and dreams you so desire. I would love to work with you one on one and together we can unlock your potential.

The world is your oyster – the perfect time is now

About Natali

Natali Brown is an international best selling author, modern day alchemist, spiritual mentor and multi-dimensional channel, sacred architect of the light, healer, Founder of The Divine Light Academy™, and Sentaura® Cosmic Ascension Energy Healing, and the creator of Spirit Talks™, a speaking platform for soul entrepreneurs.

Natali merges ancient wisdom, frequency and alchemy with modern times and guides women and men through vibrational alchemy and intuitive teachings to reconnect them with and remember the true expression of their soul. 

She helps light leaders make the big moves to courageously step into their next level greatness, show up as the divine, authentic and beautiful beings they are and lead them to live on purpose in their authentic power, so they can fully align with their unstoppable vision, freedom and abundance with ease and grace.

Guiding them to reconnect with their true inner authority and ignite their treasure trove of innate spiritual abilities, natural gifts and talents, they begin to embody and express their true essence, call in a new level of abundance and flow, and share their unique soul gifts with the world in a whole new way – guilt and shame free.

Natali’s unique energy, soul gifts and multi-dimensional cosmic connection with the Divine and her Soul team helps facilitate powerful transformations, healing and expansion for those she works with. She activates, upgrades and re-codes their DNA, energy system and bodies and awakens a golden thread of deep self-love within. 

Natali’s teachings include multidimensional energetic alignment and the healing arts, the Alchemy of God, Christ consciousness, spiritual technologies, connection with the cosmic realms and Mother Gaia, psychic development, sacred soul architecture, sacred geometry, and Sentaura healing. 

She initiates healers, coaches, visionaries, soul entrepreneurs and change makers to the ancient creator source frequency of Sentaura®, using channeled sacred geometry creator codes, Crystal Light Body Technology™, Seraphim Diamond Light and light language.

Using this multi-faceted, co-creative energy healing process, she assists those she works with to realize their potential, heal and release their limitations, trauma, unhelpful patterns and beliefs with an unparalleled depth of integrated wisdom, kindness and compassion.

Natali’s personalized mentoring programs, mystery school for healing practitioners, sacred soul gatherings, retreats, Spirit Talks and the Soul Searcher Podcast are designed to support you through your expansion and ascension process providing the exact tools and shifts you need to be courageous, feel empowered and to create the impact you were born to have.

Living in Auckland with her husband and two teenage boys she loves beach walks and to explore and photograph the beauty of New Zealand. 

About Natali

Natali is a Heart Leader, Spiritual Wellbeing Mentor & Teacher, Alchemist of Light, Master Healer and Multi-dimensional Channel for the planet guiding us to activate, alchemise, recalibrate and re-code our energy systems and upgrade our bodies to fully step into remembrance as new earth creators and enlightened, sovereign human beings.

Natali was called by The Divine to serve the greatest good during the ascension and lead humanity en-masse during the Golden Age of Gaia and The Age of Aquarius.

Through her mentoring programs, activations, teachings, community circles, workshops and retreats she serves to heal and release our limitations, trauma, unhelpful patterns and beliefs with an unparalleled depth of integrated wisdom, kindness and compassion.

Natali brings through spiritual guidance, source code initiations, wisdom teachings, alchemy of light and healing frequencies of the Seraphim and Diamond Light Consciousness of Unconditional Love to heal, stabilize and repair Gaia’s Crystalline Light Body as well as activate and initiate Lightworkers, Light Leaders, Wayshowers, Changemakers, Earth Angels and Star Seeds through the powerful frequency of Sentaura, bestowing ancient healing upon and unlocking royal creator codes for those who are called to work with this potent frequency.

She uses her incredible intuition and connection with Spirit to guide and teach conscious, heart centered leaders and light workers how to be courageous, confident, empowered and to lead and serve with love.

Through her online programs, spiritual mentoring, energy healing workshops, blogs, the Soul Searcher podcast and retreats she helps you to heal and transform your life. She guides you to realise your potential, activate and understand your Soul gifts and teaches you how to be free from limiting beliefs and obstacles which is stopping you from being all you can be.
Natali is a certified Transformational Life Coach, Reiki Master Healer and Teacher, a PureBioenergy Healing Therapist (Level 1) and NLP Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming). She loves teaching people how to embody the feminine at her Soul Dance classes and loves teaching meditation.

She teaches from her own experiences and knows that it’s our most difficult moments of suffering and most challenging and fearful experiences that is the catalyst for our own healing and self mastery, and to rise into the true divine expression of ourselves as enlightened and awakening beings of love and light.

Each experience I’ve been through only helped me to become a stronger woman. In February 2016 my whole life changed when the bus I was on in Melbourne whilst attending a conference hit a low lying bridge and peeled the top off the bus like a sardine can.

The physical, mental and spiritual healing which came from this, empowered me to discover my truth. After much searching and stubbornness I finally listened to the call from my soul, stepped onto my spiritual path of healing, mentoring and guiding and now live a happy, inspired and successful life teaching people how to do the same.

Before stepping into my passion of coaching and healing, I worked in the corporate world for over 20 years, was the founder of a photography business in the UK, and founded an events management company in New Zealand prior to working as a Marketing & Projects Manager for a successful online marketing and business strategy company.

I’m a mother of two gorgeous boys who challenge me and teach me – believe me, life is never boring in our house! And I have a wonderful loving and supportive husband who puts up with my passion for life.