Healing Herbs: Dry Your Excess Herbs

What do you do with your excess herbs?

Food wastage is being brought to the forefront of people’s minds these days and it’s important to find ways to use and preserve what we can.

Herbs have been used for healing for generations and have powerful properties. Rather than throwing away limp or slightly brown herbs, dry them.

I dry mine and use them for toppings, salads, pasta, mixed in sauces and to make herb crumbs.

Here’s some info on healing herbs to grow in your garden.

How to dry your herbs:

You can either dry herbs in the microwave or hang them in bunches in a cold dry place in your home. It is quicker to dry herbs in a microwave. Drying herbs the traditional way takes around 1 to 2 weeks.

Find out here how long to keep dried herbs.