I grew up feeling and sensing before my eyes even registered what was going on, so many imperceptible undercurrents of emotion and many implied but unstated, thoughts – I felt it all.
At the time, working in an office was my version of hell as I was hyper sensitive to everyone’s thoughts and emotions, and throw in the inner critic and all your personal beliefs and you have a whole hot mess.
In time I learned how to deal with it, to heal myself and clear my energy regularly …
Being an Empath can be confusing, and it can be very easy to blame the emotions we feel on the bombardment of stimuli we experience every day. Sit down and let yourself feel the fatigue, the confusion, the anger, the hurt, the frustration.
If you feel congested (full), or tense in parts of your body because you have taken on too much energy practice self care so you can return yourself to a contented, trusted and peaceful state of being.
When you realise that the more love, respect and trust you develop in yourself, the less you suffer, and that thoughts such as “I’m so weird and different from everybody,” “I am too sensitive”, can often be products of having low self-esteem.
Be kind to yourself, be encouraging and allow yourself the space for peace and flow to return.

“Remember you don’t have to take responsibility for other people’s hurt”

Allow yourself to experience the emotions, but also let them pass by not taking them on as your own. It can take time and practice, be patient and kind to yourself.
When you feel like you’re overflowing and you feel heavy, allow yourself time in nature, to walk barefoot on the grass or stand with your feet in the ocean and imagine yourself letting go of all energy that is not your own. Speak the words out loud: “I now release all energy that is not my own”
Learning to be in touch with your body is an excellent way of anchoring and grounding yourself in the present moment rather than getting lost in the waves of emotions and sensations that come your way. Being mindful of how you feel is a good way of learning to listen to your needs, as well as nurturing and taking care of yourself.
You can keep yourself grounded in the present through journaling, dancing, meditation, yoga and other exercise.
Being an Empath means you are finely tuned to others which is actually our natural state of being as humans. Throughout civilizations we have fallen out of touch with this beautiful gift of understanding the world and each other in a different way, of being sensitive yet strong, listening to our deeper wisdom instead of following our heads.
With love and light,
Natali x