natali-brown-passion-drivingWhen you are faced with challenges in your life – your feelings and worries around that can turn into anger and fear.

As human beings when faced with a closed door reading “FEAR” we would rather quake in our boots and high leg it out of there than open the door and grab fear by the horns.

It is normal to be afraid of being “too out there” or “too different” when it comes to chasing your dreams. Take care to never reign in your greatness under the pressures of social acceptance and fitting in.

Be authentic. Allow yourself to risk and be vulnerable. 

In a competitive and self-centered world where many wear a social mask to get ahead, be courageous enough to be you. Transparency is an opportunity magnet.

natali-brown-opportunity-flow-your-wayAs a human being it is natural to feel fear. Fear is the great competitor and motivator in life. It is the drive within you which has the greatest chance of forcing you to move and change.

On a very primal level, fear protects you from danger, but the majority of fear you feel as a human is from what happened in your past for example childhood fears, or what has not yet happened (fear of facing the future and stepping onto your true path) and worst case scenarios which are not likely to ever happen.

Fear means something BIG, significant or important is happening or going to happen in your life.

When you fear something your body goes into fight or flight mode, your heart beats faster and makes you breathe quicker. Your heart rate increases to pump more blood to your muscles and brain. Your lungs take in air faster to supply your body with oxygen. You eagerly repress those emotions as you would rather not deal with how it’s making you feel.

Repressed fear creates the unnatural state of chronic anxiety ripping away any chance you have of developing the growth necessary to attain the type of soaring success you deserve.

Fear is your catalyst. Let it drive you to greatness.

Running a successful business can be daunting right? You are faced with many highs and lows and those lows can run hand in hand with fear. Fear of not achieving, fear of not being visible enough online, fear of not knowing what you’re doing, fear of technology, fear of letting your customers down, fear of your product or service not being good enough, fear of not making your targets, fear of failure.

Don’t fear failure, fear being in the exact same place as you were last year. What would it mean to you not being able to grow and experience life?

When fear hangs around it often means that something is about to change and with fear comes opportunity. How exciting is that?

If fear keeps lingering it is a signal for you to change what you’ve been doing or tweak it.

The same goes for your personal life, desires and goals – if you feel fear pushing you over the edge, take a deep breath – listen to your body and engage your mind.

Facing your fears is the first step to healing and acceptance. 

If fears from past hurts or failures are making you freeze up or feel like you want to run away then do this simple exercise below to help you overcome them.

Heal yourself of fear in 10 easy steps – this exercise only takes 10-15 minutes:


All challenges in your life are achievable if you break it down in bite-size chunks.  

So how did you get on with the exercise? Do your fears look a little less daunting? 

This exercise helps you explore your fear and shifts it from something you see as negative into something positive.

For example – Mr Johns is about to go on stage to talk to over 4000 professionals. He has done plenty of public speaking but today is a big day for him. He is giving a speech on something he is really passionate about, which is a little left field and he is concerned about what people might think about his views. His closest friends and family is in the audience and he wants them to feel proud of him. This presentation is going to change his life forever and there is a really important position on the line which will change his life and career forever. If he get’s it right!

It is natural that Mr Johns feels fear right?

What do you think Mr Johns can do to overcome his fear? Do you think his passion for his work will help him overcome his fear? Correct! Once he walks on stage, he will forget his fear because he believes in himself, he has the support of his family and friends, has done his research and knows that what he is about to present will have a huge, positive impact on the environment and on people around the world. He is staying true to himself, facing his fears and delivering his message with confidence.

“People fear the unknown – if we are willing to take that first step with an open mind, the rest of the journey will reveal itself like a beautiful butterfly.”

Don’t be afraid to take that first step – you will feel empowered, energized and so proud of yourself when you overcome your fears.

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