I recently did a massive de-clutter in my home – it felt so free to get rid of all the stuff and I could feel the energy shift once I cleared it all.

However, prior to actually taking the step, it took me ages to get working on it, I was totally procrastinating and the more I thought about it, the more I felt my worldly possessions pile up around me.

I was worrying so much about de-cluttering that it actually created more clutter.

Such is life, when you create space in any aspect of your life, you open the door for more to flow to you.

My intention to create more space in my life was there, but the subconscious thoughts and worry of it wasn’t sending the right message to the universe – I was totally blocking myself and I could feel it.

I’ve learned that life isn’t about avoiding that which makes you uncomfortable, it’s about converting it into positive actions that you want to happen.

Action = Results

When you take action towards your goals you have the power to transmute negative energy into positive forward motion.

The same happens with your money, instead of worrying about debt piling up, focus on the money you have in your bank account. Be grateful for the money you have and focus on creating more abundance for you.

It’s good to keep this in mind: “Money flows to me with ease right now”

Have a beautiful Friday everyone.

With love and light,