I remember standing in my bedroom feeling lost, confused and utterly frustrated and stuck. You see, for years I presumed I wasn’t good enough, I wasn’t worthy enough of being a successful Healer, Teacher and Business Women. I had enough drive and ideas to be successful and the more I tried, the less I felt as if I was achieving anything.

The Universe responds to positive thinking and action and I was living, breathing, thinking a higher vibration of positive energy and still there was something that was holding me back on a much deeper level, at Soul level – I could feel it but didn’t know how to shift it.

I remember asking my Guides and Angels for help and it wasn’t long after, that the universe responded and opened up my mind to seeing energy healing in a completely different way.

By shifting and healing deep seated energetic blocks at Soul level we can experience our current life fully.

It is possible for all human beings to have what they desire: health, wealth, wellbeing, though everyone on this earth is dealing with some kind of karmic residue (unfinished spiritual lessons) or unhealed trauma at cellular level from past life and current experiences.

Around each of these experiences and lessons you also form your own belief systems and patterns which play a major part in you being able to manifest your desires.

We almost trap ourselves – a place of convenience, a safe zone to keep us exactly where we are. And often we feel ashamed or fearful of not being able to manifest the life we want so it’s easier to stay in the safe zone, to not be seen.

My inner critic was going crazy …. and putting all sorts of garbage in my head which I won’t even begin to repeat on here. I decided to put that silly nagging voice to the side ….

I had to dig deep and noted there were certain corresponding patterns in my life, in my parent’s lives and in their parent’s lives. Once I realised that I had the ability to change these patterns and the beliefs around them on an energetic level EVERYTHING started changing for me.

I simply started acknowledging my self-harming talk, emotions, my habits, faults, my flaws, exposed it all on paper – it was a process of discovering who I really was.

I was so scared of being me and all I had to do was BE!

I discovered that I had limiting beliefs I didn’t even know about and the more questions I asked of myself, the more I unearthed about my purpose and the more freedom it created for me to energetically release these blocks or karmic residue I was holding onto for so long.

That day I made a choice – a choice to no longer be held back by the “what ifs, the am I enoughs, the do I have enough or when will it be my time”. I simply decided to change things and started creating the life I wanted – it’s as easy as that!

I imagined shifting everything, I started clearing the blocks, trauma and karmic residue across time, space and dimensions and closed each statement with love.

I stopped thinking that my life was going to change, I started to feel inspired by the change I was creating.
And once I acknowledged what I needed to release, it felt so much easier to let go.

The sense of freedom I felt was incredible. A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.

Now I am able to create and attract more wealth energy. I healed the feelings of guilt, shame and stress around my limiting beliefs and am receiving more support, comfort and love from my spirit team than ever before. I released past life poverty vows and my business is prospering and I love life more each day.

I asked the Universe what I was worth and every day, without fail, receive more signs and Angel numbers to show me how much I am loved, cherished and guided.

I never thought it would be this easy – but it simply is, it was only my own limiting beliefs that were creating a reality the way I thought it should be, not the way it is meant to be.

I heard the words: “This is your time”

I said YES! and since then the rewards far outweigh any of my limiting beliefs. I am now living my highest frequency and have completely transformed my life, and so can you.

You can let go of all you thought you might be and step into all that you are.

What will you do?

Will you say YES! to releasing deep seated energetic beliefs and blocks at Soul level so you can achieve financial freedom and live a happier and healthier life – a life you feel energetically aligned with?

It’s time for your Soul to express what it wants – for you to bring to the forefront the essence of who you are, to let go of all the karmic debris and create your highest frequency which will attract abundance, health, wealth and wellbeing in every way.

During an Energy Clearing For Abundance session we can do just that. Together we can clear trauma stored in your cell memory and shift your limiting beliefs around money, health, wellbeing, success and abundance.

When you do this deep level Soul work you’ll feel more present and empowered and look ahead with determination, confidence and a deep sense of self love, knowing that you’re free to create the success, love, relationships and all you so desire.

I wish this for you with all my heart.


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Two 1 Hour One on One Energy Clearing For Abundance Sessions
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$211 per person

Sessions can be done via Skype/Facetime/Zoom or at my Clinic in Silverdale, Auckland

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