The full moon represents a time for letting go of old energy, for cleansing your energy and releasing that which no longer serves you, or aspects of your life which you no longer need or an aspect of yourself which you’ve outgrown. As you let go of this old you, the new moon brings new beginnings, renewed energy and a time to set your intentions for what you want to bring into your life.

The moon is the closest astronomical body to Earth and has a profound effect on us all. It represents the goddess and feminine, love, emotional, creative and nurturing aspects of our lives.

The Moon is first the light of the night in the sky. One complete cycle of the moon takes exactly 28 days to complete, and this phenomenon of constant emergence, growth and disappearance of the moon symbolises life, death and rebirth radiating her energy to us in cycles of waxing and waning, bringing in and releasing, ebbing and flowing.

Here are a few of my favourite full moon rituals:

Make your own Moon water

What you’ll need:

A glass bowl

Spring water

Clear quartz


Add spring water to a bowl, bless or Reiki the water with HSZSN to remove any negative energy.

Simply ask the Creator: “Dear Creator, Bless this water with love and light. Please remove any impurities and negative energy in and around this water and may it be used for the greatest good and help healing and positive energy flow to the user”

Take a piece of clear quartz and set your intention by holding up the crystal and saying “I program this crystal with love, light and healing”. Place the clear quartz into the bowl of water.

Put clingfilm over the bowl if it’s raining or to keep bugs from flying in.

If you have moon stone, arrange the moon stone around the bowl and leave the water in the moonlight over night.

Use your moon water as follows:

Use as a room spray to clear and uplift the energy by adding a 4 drops of clary sage aromatherapy oil to the water

Use moon water to cleanse your crystals

Water your plants

Add to your bath water

Drink the moon water

Make a herbal tea from the water by adding a few drops of lemon verbena oil to the water

Use the water for cooking

Have a Cleansing Moon Bath

The act of having a bath during full moon and the preparation leading up to the bath is all about cleansing away old energy.

Say the following affirmation whilst adding the ingredients to the bath: “Dear Creator, thank you for blessing this bath with love, light and healing. I allow for cleansing to take place in all aspects of my life and let go of anything not serving me for my highest, greatest good”

What you’ll need:


Clear quartz crystal

Eucalyptus oil

Coconut milk

Himalayan salt

Any flower petals dried or fresh

Lavender aromatherapy oil

What to do:

Fill the bath with warm water (test water before getting into the bath)

Gently place the clear quartz and amethyst crystals in the bath.

Whilst waiting for the bath to fill, dry brush your skin gently.

When the bath is filled up, remove the crystals and add the coconut milk, Himalayan salt, eucalyptus and lavender oil to the bath water.

Sprinkle the flower petals in the bath and let it all infuse for about 5 minutes until the Himalayan salt is dissolved.

Carefully test the bath water, get in and enjoy.


With love and light,