When we hit stumbling blocks in our life, business, relationships… you might think… am I doing the right thing? Am I on the right path? Does this feel right for me?

Most of us know when something feels off. The warning signs in your head light up and your whole being is hyper aware, you might get an urge to do something or not, get a funny tingle down your spine or have that little voice in your head.

That would be your gut feeling – it naturally protects you and when you listen carefully steers you down the right path.

It might have saved your life or protected you from harm on quite a few occasions but the benefits of listening to your instincts go far beyond life-or-death decisions.

Most of us have experienced the sense of knowing things before we know them, even if we can’t explain how.

Several times this week I had opportunities come my way and even though they sounded AMAZING at the time! My gut was not having any of it which created feelings of uncertainty. I started questioning myself … questioning the universe.

However, the universe has a funny way of keeping you on purpose and with a quirky sense of humour it likes to mix things up a little to keep life interesting. It throws in a couple of hurdles, tests your limits and stretches your imagination because face it …. life would be bland and boring otherwise, wouldn’t it?

When you’re in alignment with your true purpose and have come to certain realisations in your life, you are an expanded version of your previous self. You feel more connected to your inner self and see things in a different light.

Your expanded version’s gut feeling is stronger than ever before. In this state, the slightest deviation from your true path will leave you longing to return to that place where things just feel easy.

My message to you is listen to your heart, listen to that voice. Many challenges and temptations will come your way, stay on your path. If something doesn’t feel right or sit right with you, chances are it isn’t right or meant to be at that particular time.


Nat B xx