As a coach it makes me so happy to see people let go of the confusion they often create in their lives around success and around what their purpose is.

Often feeling uncomfortable with themselves and others, confused, disconnected from the world and misdirected they wander around without any clear direction.

In response to this discomfort people might try to control their actions and thoughts – and this is where the ego plays a big part, working hard in the background to convince or show them and the world that they are worthy, powerful and helpful.

In essence the ego makes us hide behind a mask and makes us think that our purpose and success is outside of ourselves. This outside search for purpose can lead to plenty of inner conflict.

Finding your purpose is an inside job

When we love what we do that’s when we get clear guidance and direction of what it is that we need to do. Perhaps you love inspiring people through your words or you love making people laugh.

Our purpose comes from that which inspires us most and what makes you feel good about yourself. I often say to my clients, find your joy and you’ll find your purpose.

Share what you love because when you’re lifted and inspired by what you do, you’ll lift and inspire others.

When you push too hard, try to control situations you’re blocking yourself from accessing your joy and inspiration.

Just trust that you’ll do exactly what you’re here to do. Come from a place of guided action rather than a place of needing to find your purpose.

Just trust that the universe has a plan for you – it’s already written in the stars and all you have to do is do what you love and all will become clear.

With love and light,