When we keep our energy body healthy and balanced it reflects in our physical body.

  1. Connect with nature: In the morning get out in the fresh air for a walk in the countryside or on the beach. Wrap up warm. It’s exhilarating to go for a brisk walk or run in the crisp morning air to get your heart pumping. Exercise or movement in the morning helps to energise your body for the whole day. Take in the sounds, smells and beauty of nature around you and give thanks for this beautiful day.
  2. Ground and center yourself: Take 10-20 minutes for meditation each day to connect with your heart space, center your energy and quiet your mind. A 10 minute meditation each day can greatly reduce stress and bring focus and clarity back into your life. During winter months we can often feel spacey or disconnected from our bodies. To stay present and grounded, walk bare feet on the grass to keep your foot chakra open and to stay connected with the energy of the earth.
  3. Water is energy: Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins and feed your life force energy, keep your brain and the rest of your body hydrated and your skin glowing. Drink at least a litre per day. Enjoy hot drinks like lemon, honey and cinnamon tea and reduce the amount of caffeine as this can reduce or slow down the energy flow in our bodies.
  4. Eat food which is right for you: Eat a balanced diet of fresh fruit, vegetables, proteins, grains and good fats. Listen to your body, eat a variety of food which makes your body feel energised instead of eating foods high in saturated fat which gives a quick fix but leaves you feeling lethargic, bloated and drained. To boost your energy centers (chakras) eat food which is the same colour as your chakras i.e. mangoes, pineapples and bananas, sweet corn etc. to boost your solar plexus chakra. Oranges, pumpkin, sweet potatoes to boost your sacral chakra etc.
  5. Dance to release stress: Through the gentle sway of our body we connect with our hearts, let go of any stresses we hold within the body and raise our energy vibration. Listen to your favourite music and just allow the rhythm to feed your soul. Through unstructured dance movement we remember who we are at soul level, feel the freedom and joy our bodies can bring and it helps to nurture our minds.
  6. Self love and forgiveness to lift your vibration: Place your hands on your heart, close your eyes and simply say “I love myself” and “I forgive”. This often feels so difficult to do but is super important. Before you can love and forgive others you have to be able to love and forgive yourself. Love heals all.
  7. Give a helping hand and find your joy: During winter we often want to hibernate however it’s the perfect time to complete unfinished projects, take up a hobby or help around the community. Completing unfinished tasks helps to clear the energy for new ideas and projects to flow. Helping others brings me immense joy and it’s often the winter months where so many families and rescue animals really need a friendly face, warm hugs, helping hand or warm meal.
  8. Stay connected: We often isolate ourselves during winter months but it’s important to stay connected. We as humans crave connection because we are all connected at soul level. It also helps to boost our heart chakra and communicating with each other keeps our throat chakra open. Check in with friends and family, call them or invite them for a warm cuppa. Surround yourself with people who lift you up in every way, who feeds your soul and love you for who you are.
  9. Nurture your Soul: Check in with yourself and listen to your intuition. What does your gut feeling tell you? Take some time to write down the questions or musings which come up for you. Acknowledge your feelings and allow the whispers of your soul to guide you through your life. Make time for you and acknowledge that you’re a magical creator, a beautiful, loving soul who is here on earth having a human experience.
  10. Focus on the things you can change: When challenges come your way, focus on what you can change. Worrying about situations out of your control can turn into overwhelm, stress and anxiety. Ask yourself what would be the best way forward and listen to your heart. Making a choice not to get over involved and to take a step back, to assess and reflect helps to support your energy, reduce stress and to make choices with clarity.
  11. Surround yourself with positive words: Positive self talk, gratitude, affirmations and inspirational quotes help to raise your energy vibration. When you speak and think positive words you’ll feel happier and more joyful in every way.

With love and light,
Natali x