Life throws us curve balls sometimes and you might wonder how you will get through it. The answer and power lies in finding your happiness again, finding your joy.

Joy, happiness, love, freedom and feeling empowered is the highest vibration you can experience. It’s that state of acceptance of all that is and allowing all to be.

The 4 keys to happiness:

Self Appreciation: Enhances your ability to create through the acknowledgment of your gifts. Becoming aware of what you are good at and appreciating that you are one of a kind.

Allowing: Is the key to living a life full of love. By allowing yourself space and time to heal and care for yourself you love yourself unconditionally. It also means allowing others to be who they are, accepting that they are on their own journey, here to learn their own lessons and have their own experiences – allowing others to just be without interfering, dictating or judging.

Gratitude: Makes you magnetic to abundance. What you focus on increases. Gratitude allows the heart to overflow with love and the universe responds to give you more of that which you love.

Forgiveness: Leads to health and wellbeing. When you’re unwell there is always something to forgive. Forgiveness is remembering the truth of who we are and letting go of the emotions which brings lower vibrational energy into our bodies and our lives. Transmuting negative or energies with a lower vibration opens the doorway for new beginnings, new realisations and abundance to flow to you.

Have a wonderful rest of the week everyone.

With love and light,