My husband recently bought this gorgeous jacket for me. I love the colours and it represents growth in my business and ideas blossoming into something new. When I wear it, it makes me soooo happy.

Oprah talks about treats as rewards every women deserves. “Treats” may sound like a self-indulgent, frivolous strategy, but they’re not.

Because forming good habits can be draining, treats can play an important role. When we give ourselves treats, we feel energised, cared for and contented, which boosts our self-command—and self-command helps us maintain our healthy habits. Studies show that people who got a little treat, in the form of receiving a surprise gift or watching a funny video, gained in self-control.

If you give more to yourself, you can ask more of yourself.

By contrast, when we don’t get any treats, we feel depleted, resentful and angry and justified in self-indulgence. We start to crave comfort—and we’ll grab that comfort wherever we can, even if it means breaking good habits.

So go on, create a list of “treats” for you. Have fun with it, it can be anything from a walk in the park or beach, a shopping outing, a holiday, buying that stationery you’ve been wanting or having that piece of chocolate cake.

As long as you have a balance between some healthy treats and naughty but nice treats.

What’s your favourite treats? Share below in the comments if you want.

With love and light,