Energy is everywhere and everything is energy. It cannot be created or destroyed. It is in constant flow, ever transforming, ever changing.

Like a river your energy body is constantly moving, life force energy making it’s way gently through your energy centres (chakras) soothing, healing and reforming. This life force energy helps your chakras spin. An unbalanced movement of the spin can indicate problems or a blockage in a chakra area can be the cause of physical or emotional tension or disease in the body.

During your life you might experience trauma, disappointment, anger, loss, illness and all of these can have an impact on your energy body. Imagine your body as a flowing river. With each of these experiences a pebble or rock is placed in your river of life and the more you hold on to these negative experiences the more pebbles or rocks build up in your stream to cut off the life force energy we all have within us and depend on to live a healthy life.

If you’ve ever watched a river, it is mighty and powerful and usually finds an alternative way – if an obstacle is placed in it’s path, it will go around but over time, if the pebbles and rocks build up it will form a barricade and stops the river flowing.

Energy healing helps to gently remove these pebbles and rocks which might have manifested in your life for a long time. It clears the way for your life force energy to flow once again and helps balance your chakras.

Energy can be a beautiful kaleidoscope of colours. We are each unique individuals and colours may hold different meanings for you than for others, just as a piece of music inspires different feelings in different people.

During healing sessions I see energy as a beautiful rainbow. Pulsating colours of energy moving through and around the body, complimenting the flow of life force energy and working on each level of the subtle bodies.

I see life force energy as white light, so bright and powerful, yet so gentle and loving.

We don’t always realise how important our energy is, we are not just physical bodies, we are so much more. We need to love and care for our energy body just the same as our physical body. When you care for what’s inside it will reflect on the outside.

With love and light,
Natali xx

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